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  1. cdave

    Pioneer v.s. Jersey Surf

    It should be noted that Pioneers intro and opener equates to a little less than half of their full program. They currently have almost 8 minutes on the field as of the end of the marching block today. We hope Surf is also having a great spring training and look forward to seeing everyone soon!
  2. Pioneer is seeking a tenor tech for the 2018 season. Prior experience is preferred! Drop a line to if you are interested. Thanks! Dave
  3. cdave

    Pioneer Tenor Tech

    Due to a college conflict, Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps is seeking a tenor technician for the 2018 season. Candidates should have previous drum corps experience and availability for camps and summer tour. Pay commensurate with experience and availability. For more information, please forward a performance and professional resume to The successful candidate will also need to submit current background clearances before employment. Thanks for your interest!
  4. cdave

    Pioneer video missing?

    The copyright holder of Les Mis will not allow us to sync the video....DCI and Pio did everything correctly and by the book for permissions....this is an issue with the composers.... We are working on a solution...
  5. cdave

    Pioneer 2018

    Church attendance is optional for both members and staff. They do play in services on some occasions, but I do not think it is mandatory. Thank you for the kind words about the show this year. In my first season with the corps in several years, I tried to create a show that would be entertaining but offer challenges to the membership and the judges. Some of those came out better than others :) The kids are just wonderful in the organization and take daily challenges in stride, often with a smile on their faces. Of course, we do try to keep as many vets as possible and did have fairly good success with the brass and guard. That battery, however, was about 95% rookies. All of the sections came a long way during the summer! I have many concerns with the judging, if I am being honest. This is not to take away from any other corps, regardless of class. I am working on some research to see if my concerns are worth taking up the ladder, but for the meantime I think it best to keep this to myself other than to say we are aware... No doubt, Roman is in charge and has strong opinions about just about every aspect of the drum corps world, and his organization in general. It, I am sure, continues to be a challenge to strike a balance with his desires and what the activity seems to be moving towards. I hope you all will wish me luck finding a balance! I do enjoy working for him and his endless insight into the activity. When you consider that he ran DCM, DCI II/III and has directed a drum corps for over 56 years, his knowledge base runs pretty deep. The elephant in the room however, is about recruiting. I think the corps needs to find new ways for recruiting so that we can establish the organization as a full size entity. We are already busy working on 2018, but a corps of 150 would, I feel, do wonders us. We are very hopeful that the cast of the 2017 program will all return to build upon the energy we created with Les's hoping! If you are still of age, with a desire to march and work hard we would love to see you at a camp this year! Dave Pioneer Program Coordinator
  6. cdave

    Pioneer 2018

    What Shamrock Tuba said!
  7. cdave

    Pioneer 2018

    Take a look at the Pio scores throughout the season. They were the only corps to stagnate for several nights in a row in shows in which the kids and staff felt the program and performance level was higher that previous. The corps spent the last week or so stuck at a 65 with judges scoring significant variations within subcaptions, some the same judges! Add to that, many shows where they were the farthest from the show site of any group in the contest, performing first based on last seasons scores. Not having one chance to perform at any encore at all this season, etc.
  8. cdave

    Pioneer 2018

    Some interesting conversation here....I have heard many times that they need to dispense with the Irish for various reasons? I wonder how doing a full out Irish should might impact recruiting. If nothing else, they need a full drum corps!
  9. cdave

    What should happen?

    I have heard it is true that none of the Open Class groups get performance money, only WC corps. A large part of why groups want to get to that level, and stay there as opposed to dropping back down to rebuild, etc. Additionally, there is profit sharing that greatly benefits the finalists with a much greater share. Maybe how it should be, but seems the rich get richer on the backs of the rest of the activity. If there was parity, or even a more even distribution of monies to all corps could allow the ones in the lower echelons to have a shot at gaining some ground. Between this and the judging, it seems something needs to be done...just not sure what...
  10. cdave

    A Second Call

    Thank you for this! We are hopeful that we can meet our goal and thank everyone who has who has contributed so far! Just for the record, the corps accepts anyone with a desire to learn and a good attitude. We don't really turn kids away and do help with ways to cover their tour fees (which are one of, if not the lowest fee for a World Class corps). This year we have members from Japan, South Africa and Puerto Rico among others from all over the United States. Many Pioneer alumni have gone on to march with finalist corps still speak highly of their Pioneer experience. We hope to continue to provide a quality summer to our members for many more years to come! Personally, I have known Roman for over 20 years now and am back in the fold after being mostly removed from the activity for almost as long. He has been on the road pretty much all summer, working his butt off to give the kids a great summer, complete with culture days, church and long hot rehearsal and performances. The members, staff and administration are all just great people to work with and for and I am humbled to be involved with them. The summer has had its share of challenges, but through the support of the drum corps community we hope to be able to replace the vehicle that was lost and be set to roll safely through the rest of the season. Special thanks to Stu for the second call and Tim for all of his work getting the word out! Please take a moment to donate what you can! Thanks! Dave
  11. cdave

    Pioneers need our help

    Thank you! We can use everyone's help!
  12. Thank you for the kind words about Pioneer, as well as the other corps at the show last night! The kids are working hard to be "Better Every Day"!
  13. Thanks to all of you who took time to give positive commentary to Pio.The kids are working hard, just like all the others and appreciate the love!