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  1. Anyone at this show? If anyone took Pioneer pics I'd love to see them.
  2. My son hasn't said anything about this. Whew.
  3. I am very concerned reading these posts. My son is a vet in his 2nd year. He, too, felt this would be a break out year and for sure they are better. But what of this harassment and norovirus? I feel totally out of the loop. Also concerned about them wanting to pack it in with 2 weeks to go??
  4. What is the awful situation they're in? Love, a concerned parent reading from afar.
  5. Blue Stars my fave this year. I am sentimental about the music. Maybe that's why. It is so joyful to watch
  6. Yes! They sent some of its hair to ancestry.com. was part of his tuition.
  7. They're better than several who have higher scores. They're consistently kept in "they're place". IMHO
  8. I can't say I am disappointed. My boy so sick with upper respiratory infection and they haven't taken him to fill his scripts yet. I'm sorry for y'all, but I'm breathing a sigh of relief. He's been under the weather for 2 weeks now. Love...a worried momma.