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  1. Random internet troll (easily identified by the use of terms like epic fail) proclaims he is an expert. Said troll teaches us the rules for good music (source: himself, the expert) Troll baits unsuspecting users to defend music based on his rules. Troll replies with even more "truths" about internet law and evolution. Makes cocky remarks about how no one has proved him wrong. Wow. One of the best troll bait threads I've seen ever. Either that or you really are a dbag. I mean I really hope you are a troll, for your own good. This is not an acceptable way to make arguments or express your opinions.
  2. Encore is on flomarching facebook
  3. I say its one of those "choose your own ending" endings.
  4. Did anyone catch that last moment of disunity where that final bass drummer turns around to join? Awesome. This is drum corps.
  5. Please explain.. you know... for all the other noobs.
  6. So im blowing out my eardrums for 13 minutes, resting for 5. times 12. should be ok?
  7. In the theater it was great. This is a huge distraction, like the field is moving every second.
  8. Ok so anyone with tech experience: my stream does horribly with the green gradient of the field, and shadows. its blocky and shifty. Is that just the bad stream or is that on my end?