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  1. I still think that not allowing ties in each judging category leads to big problems with the overall rankings after all 11 judges' scores are added up together. I'd like to hear what a statistician would say about this system. Say you have say 5 groups deserving a 9.4 in one category. It really shakes out to 9.2, 9.25, 9.3, 9.35, 9.4, 9.45 or worse. That .25 spread on what should be a tie is a big problem in tight competitions. Now if they all actually got a 9.4, would those 5 groups tie in the final score? It seems unlikely given there are 10 other judges' scores. Trying to score the top 10 groups with only 21 points that range from 9.0 to 10 that does not allow ties is just too inaccurate. Doing that across 11 judges is really inaccurate. The only scoring I trust is the ranks of individual judges. The way the 11 judges add up to a winner does not seem accurate to me at all.
  2. Does Flo seriously have the stereo channels reversed? I just did a sound channel check and my stuff is OK but Scouts and Academy's sounds were clearly flipped.
  3. What's better than a great ending to a drum corps show? 2 great endings!
  4. Its pretty crazy to have a screaming trumpet solo doubled by a solo violin. Very difficult.
  5. Listening on speakers I get. Posting comments on DCP while driving I don't.
  6. SCV Mello tower all the way through the next piece going back and forth between the 2 sides of brass on the sidelines. Gets my heart racing every time.
  7. EXACTLY my thoughts. There are 8 categories, let a tie be a tie but a 9.2 should be a 9.2. Avoiding the tie is inaccurately awarding or detracting points from the overall score, like a rounding error.
  8. So do drum corps fans typically have a hard time figuring out where to get a mortgage??
  9. Awesome SCV! I still am not into the new ending-- just want that awesome dominant chord to resolve at the old ending point. The tonality shift is weird.