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  1. Not a fan of these shows that have a literal storyline to follow from second to second. Not to mention storylines about hell or the underworld and whatnot. Just play good music and show me cool things. Stories are for the movies.
  2. They really need to learn from SCV, Bloo, Devils how to mic their horn line because its really awful in person. SCV and Bloo make it sound quite a bit more natural.
  3. Just tuning in but how in the heck was this show not televised?
  4. I think the DM actually turned around to bow at the false ending. I like that its like a built in encore.
  5. Flo-- half my screen is filled with audience. Don't need it. Move the camera up and then the picture in picture feature will not be on the field.
  6. Shoot did they change the schedule?! I had it perfectly planned out but it looks like DALR was moved by 20 minutes.
  7. It sounds different for every show, unfortunately. I thought it was a little muddy last night compared to the previous show. I honestly think they throw up 3 tall mics and call it a day. Home viewing has a long ways to go to accurately reproduce a live performance.
  8. If only they had let him play his flute in drum corps!
  9. Haven't seen nearly enough to give everyone a fair chance yet-- but I have seen SCV and Bluecoats and they are on top for now. SCV's style matches with my own and I have loved their last 3 shows including this one.
  10. To be fair all the solos are mic'ed and its really hard to locate the position of the soloist on the field by ear in person.
  11. I was having that problem on Firefox. Switched to Chrome and its much better.