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  1. I question if anyone who says something like this thinks they are physically fit enough to get through 1/2 of Bloo's show? Challenging? Seriously?
  2. See, now some may take issue with this humor, but I think it is harmless & hilarious. Especially given the most recent Bart Simpson meme highlighting the Bluecoats' "amplification". That was very funny, although, I dare anyone not to be grooving in their seat listening to that sound while they are laughing!
  3. It was bothering me that a top corps like Bluecoats was having such a difficult time "cleaning" parts of their show and then.... I was watching a HD video of Bloo's show last night and it finally hit me, along with Jim Schehr's insightful observation, that he is absolutely correct! All this time, I thought the opening choreography (and other parts) were "dirty" because at times they looked out of sync. But if you watch a HD video, it looks like that they are completely in sync when they are supposed to be, and other moments, they are performing individually on purpose. I just never noticed it before and I always thought they just couldn't dance in sync together. Anyway, I personally might prefer if everything was always in sync together, but at least now I recognize this is a design decision.
  4. My opinion on daily/weekly increases in scores is that they are on a trend line and the only importance is the deviation from the trend line. Everyone is going to increase each show, unless they really mess up, and the only difference is how much their score deviates from the trend line they are on. My guess would be that if you plotted Bluecoats scores they would be right about where they were yesterday relative to their trend. Just a guess, because I am too lazy to plot everyone's scores, but they have to get the scores to the high 90's by Finals.
  5. Looks like the answer is unfortunately no. I am resigning myself to just enjoying the heck out of this show, because it was very clean tonight and they still aren't getting any love from the judges. I get it. It's different, and sometimes different doesn't fit. All I know is that I am always on the edge of my seat watching this show, and even if I'm tired at the beginning, there is no way you can't be all worked up by the end, walking away humming the music. And the crowd response is always incredibly enthusiastic. So be it.
  6. They are probably the first ones to scream about their rights and freedoms not being respected. They forget where they come from...
  7. World ClassView Recap 1 Carolina Crown 93.150 2 Bluecoats 92.825 3 The Cavaliers 92.450 4 The Cadets 90.500 5 Phantom Regiment 86.350 6 Crossmen 84.800
  8. I must be watching different shows because I see people write this kind of comparison frequently and I just don't see it. Jagged Line looks nothing like Down Side Up and Kinetic Noise looked nothing like Tilt. There may be some similarities in performance and design style, but that can be said about every Drum Corps. They all have similarities from year to year because they continue to utilize the same staff year after year. IMO!
  9. World Class View Recap 1 Bluecoats 92.500 2 Crossmen 84.700 3 Blue Stars 84.550 4 Colts 78.800 5 Pacific Crest 75.100 6 Oregon Crusaders 74.000 7 Seattle Cascades 71.300
  10. Can you explain this comment? I happen to agree, but I am such a novice, I would like to hear the opinion of someone with more experience. I really do not usually watch competitions that have subjective scoring, (i.e. gymnastics, ice skating, diving, singing, dancing, etc.) It is normally too frustrating of an experience.
  11. It looks like they really scrubbed 2 spots that were really bothering me. The opening dance looked very synchronized tonight, and the dance after the ballad looks like they rearranged and made it look "more neat", less scattered and random. Forgive my primitive descriptions. :). I still wish they would move the ballad closer to the front, but it is also looking and sounding much better, IMO.