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  1. Don’t even have good enough sense to get in out of the rain.
  2. Looks like rain. It’s over that’s all folks. Maybe tomorrow then again
  3. It was only a thought. Doubt seriously if it would ever be considered.
  4. I’m not here to debate any issues on this form, so speak to the mirror. The cost of touring is currently affecting the activity participant organizations. If the activity loses another organization or two so be it, but eventually there will be 12 or 10 or 7. It’s not sustainable.
  5. FYI - I wasn’t talking about any specific organizations budget. However a budget cap may allow for parity. Either way the cost of touring is a burden that few can continue to afford. It’s unsustainable at its current level. 1.6 to 1.8 million is a hard nut to crack each year and it looks like the price of meat will continue to increase. FYI the activity was just fine with local geographic membership, a lot more corps too. But I guess you would have had to been there to know.
  6. Until there is a cap on expenditures and geographic recruiting restrictions, don’t expect to see much change. 1.6-1.8 million dollars to operate a nonprofit is IMO out of control.
  7. Friday, August 3 ★ DCI Eastern Classic (Night 1) ★ Corps Score 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 96.100 2 Blue Devils 94.950 3 Bluecoats 93.825 4 Blue Stars 87.725
  8. As long as the corps is being judged on DCA sheets at a DCI sanctioned contest, then that score can be used for prelims seeding if you have not received a score from a DCA sanctioned contest.
  9. CYO Nationals Corps Score 1 Boston Crusaders 90.955 2 The Cadets 88.475 3 Phantom Regiment 85.425 4 Crossmen 84.795 5 Pacific Crest 77.225 6 Genesis 72.700
  10. I believe CT DCI scores have been of great value considering the line-ups of DCI corps and International corps (Jubal) we perform with. Scores are opinions and opinions change. CT DCI season scores: Mason 65.550, Alexandria 62.950, White Lake 67.750, Centerville 71.350 DCA score: Peckville 72.150 No more shows until BillsPort, lot of rehearsal between then and now. Lot of work to do to get better. CT expects to be on first in DCA Prelims, it's nothing new, we're always first on.
  11. Tour of Champions - Chester Corps Score 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 95.000 2 Bluecoats 94.500 3 Carolina Crown 92.000 4 Boston Crusaders 91.000 5 The Cavaliers 90.500 6 The Cadets 88.
  12. Thanks! We had our best run of the weekend mini tour. Lots of work got done and the organization handled the tour well. No more performances until DCA prelims. The rehearsal schedule is in place to integrate some minor changes and planned layering. Plus a few prop surprises. Back to work and getting better.
  13. Tuesday, July 31 Drum Corps: An American Tradition - Annapolis Corps Score 1 Blue Devils 94.00 2 The Cadets 88.00 3 Mandarins 86.00 4
  14. Drums Across the Tri-State  Corps Score Phantom Regiment 1 Blue Stars 87.275 Blue Stars 2 Phantom Regiment 84.895 Colts 3 Colts 80.826 Madison Scouts 4 Madison Scouts 80.125 Troopers 5 Troopers 78.625 Oregon Crusaders