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  1. Absolute power corrupts absolutely...and the innocents will bear the costs. Sincerely hope our friends in C2 (and Cadets) can soldier on...drum corps needs them.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. CV definitely enjoys pushing the boundaries for maximum entertainment. Often those risks come with a price, but I'm sure every member would tell you...we wouldn't change a thing.
  3. Thanks Kevin for the great words on our performances, we're glad you liked our show. #AtlantaCV
  4. My understanding is (and mind you I just drive the tractor trailer) the corps were instructed not to make arrangements on their own. Not sure exactly what that entailed but I know we complied. Either way, the point of the post was to thank other corps for their support...nothing else.
  5. Thanks to Columbus Saints and C2, CV was able to rehearse at Roundhouse Park yesterday and Loyalsock High School today and tomorrow. The field at our assigned location had some issues that were not conducive to safe and effective use. We are so grateful that other corps reached out to help us. Without them we would be in a fix.
  6. posted from the DrumScorps app
  7. Rocketeers and Appalachian will not be performing tonight. Show times moved up two spots.
  8. I'm sure they do but that's above my pay grade.
  9. Yes, logistics of 3 shows in 4 days caught up with us.
  10. Unfortunately CV is unable to make the show tonight.
  11. Looking for good numbers as I am assisting McEachern with their corps parking.
  12. Atlanta CV: 1 semi, one 12' trailer, no coaches (local).
  13. Looking for the numbers on equipment trucks, trailers, semis, and motor coaches primarily for corps attending the Southeast Regional (Atlanta) but any and all are welcome to reply.