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  1. I know in the battery there were 8 age outs.. 5 snares 2 quads 1bass
  2. I Facebook live'd it.. My family in Oklahoma and in Cali were blowing up my phone saying that the Flo Live feed went dead.. Silly FloMarching!! I am trying to figure out how to post a link to it! I filmed the best I could.. My emotions were crazy.. I am so happy for my Blue Devil, ALL the Blue Devils, the staff, and the alumni.. It was such a magical and incredible finals week journey.. Whoever went to the rehearsal on Saturday, you could just tell something special was happening and was going to happen that night.. The energy, the vibe was seriously out of this world!! Man, did they deliver
  3. Can I find that show on YouTube? That is awesome! I love how the alumni are still so involved.. So supportive of the corps..seeing it at rehearsals and lots is just the best thing!
  4. What a great experience for you and your son! I really love hearing these stories! Thank you very much! Super proud mama here!! ☺️
  5. Thank you! I am so proud of him!! He still has one more summer of DCI and two more winter indoor seasons.. I do not really understand the hate.. Of course we all have our favorite shows and opinions.. But the opinions should be kept classy..every person marching in all the corps work their tails off.. Thank you very much! I am looking forward to it!
  6. He marched Pacific Crest ( 14, 15) , Carolina Crown (16), BD (17) RCC indoor (16,17).. BD & RCC Indoor has been a dream of his since he started drumming in the 7th grade.. He is the one that was interviewed in the recent BD 360 episode about the snare part in the ballad.. That is awesome! What years did you march? Thank you very much! After "exploring" a bit, I think I will stay in this thread.. I was surprised to see all the hate.. WOWZERS!!
  7. I could not agree with you more DrumManTx!! I have not seen the show in person since Riverside, so I am getting anxious to get to Indy! Watching on FloMarching just does not do this show justice! Thank you DrumManTx!! ☺️
  8. Reading this makes my heart so happy!! My son is on the Snareline.. I love seeing comments like this! Thank you for sharing!!
  9. Hello everyone!! Newbie here.. Just wanted to say "Hello"!!