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  1. Just watched Spirit’s encore live on their FB feed. They included a moment of silence for Jim Ott. 💙
  2. I realize they are not finished yet, but I think Crown wins the standstill. No contest.
  3. Enjoyed watching all the shows on Flo last night! First time seeing all but Spirit. No negative comments here, I found something to like in every performance. The energy from the crowd...A++++! I can only imagine how it felt to be there in person. CrownBEAT can't get here soon enough, I'm ready to see some shows from the stands!! 😁 💙
  4. They were at the beginning. There is a periscope of the first minute and a half.
  5. Thanks. I understood that part I should have been more clear. I was confused as to why they would be at parade rest. Normally they stay at ready while they fix electronics issues. Makes sense now that people are saying there was a crowd member needing medical attention.
  6. Headed home from Spirit’s preview show. Y’all!! Love love loved it! I mean I know as a Spirit parent I’m biased, but seriously...they’re legit. 💙
  7. Extremely proud of everything Spirit accomplished. Placement is what it is, I’m just sad the summer is over. Already looking forward to seeing what they can do next year (even though my son will not be on the field).
  8. I’m here today...they were amazing!! Gave me goosebumps!
  9. Just spoke with my family who attended tonight. They had 8 tickets 8 rows up on the 50. Obviously they wanted to be close to the front ensemble. Ended up just having to find seats somewhere so they sat in upper level around the 20. So disappointing. I can tell y’all if I’d have been there, I’d have had my seat on the 50. Not sure why it was such a cluster tonight.
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