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  1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the velvet knights. They were the modern day bluecoats of their time. Pure fun to watch and #### good corp.
  2. Exactly and that is why it’s a stupid argument. Every corp works hard.
  3. I didn’t say I was unbiased. You said bd doesn’t have the best of anything. The phantom Spartacus show was a classic example. It was a great show but no one moved more than BD that year. Go back and watch 2002. Heck one of my favorite shows ever is 86 BD. And very few corps challenge their members as much as bd does. I would say their are about 8 great corps I love all of them. I also love watching smaller corps because I appreciate them and love the activity. I stand by the fact that your post smacked of ignorance. Go watch a BD practice. Nothing gets by their instructors and their love of drum corps shines every time. To show you not all of my favorite shows are not just BD. Here is a list of just some of my favorites 86 Skyriders used to really enjoy sun coast sound and spirit of atlanta 88 and 89 SCV. All top 3 in 88 were amazing 84 cadets but I have grown to love pretty much every cadet show Crown inferno is amazing. Bluecoats 87 Tilt and this year are fantastic I love Boston this year but actually liked 2019 better. Cavies have had lots of great shows. Every single year there are phenomenal shows and I love all of them I will admit my favorite show ever is 2017 BD. The problem with your thinking is that you can’t just enjoy BD.
  4. Then you obviously haven’t watched rd. Your post is moronic
  5. Definitely. Wouldn’t be surprised to see BD win by 2 points. Their color guard flat out separates them. As if they have a weakness.
  6. SCV is extremely talented and they played all the way to the end so I assume they finished their ending. Definitely one of my favorite shows of theirs over the last 10 years. They probably won’t ever top the phantom of the opera show that I loved but they are very very good.
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