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  1. I agree that BLOO used park an blow big time this year. However at least they spread the field. Vanguard stayed in concert formation practically.
  2. He used to challenge his kids. Not this year. He should be the first inductee in the hall of shame.
  3. For about 90 seconds they force members to go outside of that. 85% of their show is between the 25s and only on the front half of the field. Actually 1/6 might be too nice.
  4. That's exactly why the vanguard show is a joke. Everyone plays follow the leader. I don't like seeing everyone copy BD's dance moves and now everyone is going to follow this pathetic production. I don't care if SCV has legends on their staff. They should be ashamed. The only thing I can think of is that DCI wants to move into basketball arenas and the judges were informed of this. I for one won't be a part of it. You guys can fall in love with an inferior product all you want but for SCV to win high everything with that show was an embarrassment. They might as well of just played
  5. Actually responding to your post about it going indoors. The second that I see more shows compact the field like vanguard this year I am done. I have been to 6 finals over the years and numerous regional shows. I have paid for flomarching and bought numerous shirts etc. I first became a fan in 86. If they want to lose the old fans so be it but I will never watch again. Vanguard made a mockery of this year. They should of just sat there and played in concert formation. You are correct though. I kept thinking the whole time that there were trying to set up a small production m
  6. You nailed it. If crown played SCVs show none of us at finals would have any hearing left.
  7. Musically their show is great. Performance wise it's nothing compared to their past shows. I don't want to see corps use 1/6 of the field. No other corp does that and it's not close. I loved the crusaders this year like everyone else and I applaud them for using the entire field. BD always spreads the field so you can't compare them to SCV.
  8. Enjoy your first one in this millennium. When everyone stops using field coverage blame yourselves. THAT IS ALL!!!!!! Even a blind puppy gets a bone once in a while.
  9. I guess you missed the part where BD stretched the field like every year. This SCV is an insult to drum Corp but don’t let the facts ruin your perfectly bad argument
  10. Don’t have time to read thru everything at finals. Bluecoats at least stretch the field. In my 33 years following this activity the vanguard show (great music) is the worst show ever to win. The lack of stretching the field is a joke. The drumline barely moves after the opening When everyone follows this crap and condenses the field look no further than this farce of a show. Uttterly disappointing. If Crown or costs played this no one would have any hearing left.
  11. We’re you in the stands? Scv did the same thing last year. Like I said great show on a basketball court. You have no idea what your talking about. Blue coats don’t move this year either. Btw the most entershow is bac
  12. Vanguard might have the best show ever if it was held on a basketball court