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  1. I’ve used Flo on my tablet, phone, laptop, and roku all season and have had absolutely no issues
  2. Great score tonight considering how early they performed!
  3. I got chills when the guard lifted the trumpet soloist at the end of the ballad. It was an amazing shot on the multicam. What a moment!
  4. The guy who stood still in the 3-D pyramid on 2013 threw his hands up in the air in the victory run I thought that was hilarious! He’s the one in the very back of the form
  5. I think adding the swagger or having that cocky attitude that Harloff was talking about in the Lexington Kentucky run through is what is gonna push this group’s show to the next level. Even watching the drum lines moves and facial expressions in the closer just gets me so hyped up
  6. My band was the one that got blocked haha. We didn’t get a visual warm up before our semis run
  7. There’s a lot of parking at Mason. The campus is HUGE. At Hamilton we had to park at all those nearby grocery stores and restaurants but Mason will easily accommodate everything with their high school parking lot. Plus the middle school is right next to them with more parking and the intermediate school is across the street which is also enormous. I’m excited because I live close to 5 minutes to the high school so I could walk if I wanted to!
  8. Lol the stream was fine all night for me, maybe it's your internet
  9. It's funny because she rarely sings while the brass is playing anymore
  10. Wow, lots of rude and nasty people on the forums tonight.
  11. It would be so be cool if they added the doodily dooo doodily doodily doodily doooo mello lick :D
  12. Wow haha all the bluecoats performers were so hype at the end of that :)
  13. A few days ago on their twitter page they were hinting at using a tarp like they did in 2015 that says "I know you". Idk if they'll actually use it but if they did that would be super cool!