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  1. Chops will consider WGI Winds .... perhaps in 2021. At this time, our focus is growing the existing performing groups that we already have. Once we have the organization membership back to where we would like it to be, we will definitely look at expansion. Many of our students are already involved with WGI Winds at their own high school so we continue to support and encourage their own performing groups. Our goal is to promote and support music education through the performing arts, even if it's not performing with us.
  2. It might have already been posted but up here in Minnesota, MN Brass and Chops will be again going to Sound Sport and the Govies planning to return to DCA. The two major factors with Brass and Chops again going to Sound Sport is simply membership availability on Labor Day and Travel Costs. There are other factors involved but these two sealed the DCA fate for Chops and Brass. Speaking for Chops only right now, I can personally tell you it is demoralizing to a young corps to travel 20 hours to do one prelim show to a few judges, more instructors than fans, and a few people setting up thei
  3. Speaking of age, the average age of the Govies trumpet section this year was over 50 -- yes 50. We figured that the 5 of us we had over 70 years of competitive drum corps marching experience. We called our section "Team Tapioca" since we heard that some people eat tapioca when they get old. We don't think of ourselves as old, just seasoned veterans. And yes, all of us we marched the entire show asking for no special accommodations. If "Team Tapioca" can still stay relevant and active at our age, any reason you give for not marching any longer is simply lame. If you love the sport, keep playin
  4. Excellent point. For Minnesota corps, it costs us about $9K per charter bus (yes, per bus -- not total) to transport the corps members plus additional expenses of getting the trailer and equipment moved. Because it's more than a 10 hour drive, we end up requiring multiple bus drivers and multiple CDL drivers for the equipment. For finals, the members had to get on the bus on Wednesday evening, travel for 18-20 hours so that we can have one day to rest and prepare for finals. Also add into the mix for about $7K per bus for hotels and you can quickly eat up your budget for the entire year for
  5. Chops "did" ask DCI for the score to be posted for the Rochester show but not the Minneapolis show. My guess is that it was simply missed. According to what I was told, DCI will "not" release the score to you if you choose not to make it public -- even if you ask. At least that is what I was told. Both the Govies and Chops both opted "not" to publish the scores for the Minneapolis show.
  6. DCI forgot to post it on their website but Chops got a 65.2 (DCI Scoring) at Rochester, MN back on 8/8. It's posted in DCX only.
  7. Chops: Skyscraper Concerto in F: George Gershwin Awayday: Adam Gorb Skyscraper: Demi Lovato Sing, Sing, Sing: Louie Prima Original Music: Matt Kettlehut and Joel Matuzak
  8. Regarding membership recruiting… One of the problems I see with the current DCA model is that we’ve built a program that requires our members to be more like gymnasts and less of a musician. I tell the younger kids that back in the early 80’s, drum corps was a musical organization that marched. Today, we are more like a theatrical production that plays a few notes during a 40-yard dash. What that change has done is effectively weeded out many of the middle age players who are 40 and older who are no longer physically able to handle the physical requirements of the show. I have so many friends