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  1. I assume you wear this to the beach? It is the classic after all.
  2. I would have PR below both Blue Stars and Crossmen. Very bad year for them IMHO. Seems the "G7" moniker is still worth a few point bump.
  3. Has to be a screw up. They have Seattle in (not), SCVC on in the first block before PAC Crest (nope), Academy on after Colts (uh, no), and Blue Stars on before Crossmen (). Definite screw up.
  4. Our sound is cranked! Like being there. And we have a couple dozen folks now.
  5. Big issue in the northeast is late school schedules. NY goes until the last week in June!
  6. Scores seem to be running pretty close to Tuesday's scores. Corps like Pio, JS, etc may need to step it up to stay in the top 30.
  7. I would love to see corps like Southwind, Guardians and La. Stars have great retention, particularly with their older (i.e., 19/20 y/o) members. They could be scary good next year!
  8. Us too! We had many days when we had long hauls to Nationals, etc that we would eat at McD's breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that was before they had breakfast food! Nothing like a cheeseburger at 10AM to get you going.
  9. ...a section for discussions about SoundSport and Drum Line Battle? It seems that these organizations are growing in leaps and bounds and are also helping to grow the Open Class division of DCI. I think it would be very beneficial to all corps people to have a forum to discuss these two organizations, new groups developing, etc.
  10. ####! Where are they seeded??? Open Class has really stepped it up!
  11. Anyone else having issues with the multi-cam stream tonight on a Romulo? High cam has been perfect for me, but when I switch to multi, it either times out, or rebuffers every 30 seconds are so. My Speedtest shows 250Mbs on my fiber, so it is not on my end.