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  1. Agreed that BC percussion staff should be replaced, if due to poor design outside of what some have concluded is not really poor design, but rather alignment with the show’s jazz theme. Organizations should focus on improving the weakest parts of their organizations. Sometimes that means leadership changes. Sometimes people get positions based on past results. Once they begin to slip, regardless of past success, changes are sometimes needed.
  2. Example is a video of Samuel leading Bluecoats in 2016/2017 in song after a long/frustrating/hot rehearsal day in Arkansas. Samuel pulled the group together in an effort to re-energize them.
  3. It’s the Jim Jones “leadership” award, not the Jimmy Russo “showmanship” award.
  4. Absolutely, when the content in CG ranked 8th, achievement 6th, and overall CG 7th, in a year when the corps played 4th (3 places higher than color guard).
  5. Seems like a lot of work/truck space for Crown to drag around the “claws/teeth/whatever they are” all season, and not use them. I thought that perhaps they planned to do something Finals week.
  6. This Cadets show reminds me of 80s Cadets, which first sparked my interest in drum corps. Not sure if it’s the sentimentality of the show or something else, but WOW!!!!
  7. Did Flo show Cadets Z-Pull last night, on multi-cam? I want to ensure I don’t miss it, so will switch to high cam for Cadets if necessary.
  8. Be careful if planning to go to Boardman. While Tinseltown Boardman has had BLL showing in the past, they seem to have stopped beginning with this year’s season opener. Luckily I checked before going in June. Monaca, PA, and North Canton, OH, are the closest to Youngstown area.
  9. I watched Mandarins during warmup sessions at Massillon. It was apparent that the mm truly enjoyed what they were doing, and were supportive of their corps mates (for example, cheering for members as each row of hornline members completed their movements during visual exercises). Good to see a mixture of talent and enjoyment by members. It gave me additional insight and appreciation of the Mandarins organization.
  10. Stubhub has tickets in various levels
  11. 300 section available on stubhub