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  1. Personality, antics and blind spots, yes. Beyond the victims, the circle of people who knew about the abusive relationships (at least the sexual ones) must have been extremely small. I know quite a few people who marched and had staff positions during the years in question, and to a person they were shocked by the revelations. If you have no life and want to take the time to look back at this forum before 2018, you will not see a single post alleging sexual abuse. If it didn’t even appear in an anonymous forum, that should tell you something - not that the abuse didn’t happen, but that very
  2. Some folks are going to learn the hard way that it doesn't matter what is rumor and what is truth. Hope they have a sense of irony.
  3. It’s funny you should post this now. My impression of this weekend was that the corps are not really playing to the judges. They are playing according to their personalities and the crowd. When you look back at the so-called “Glory Days” of drum corps, EVERYONE was playing to the judges in pretty much the exact same way (The Cadets just did it better). I personally enjoyed Crown’s performance because I loved the sound and the drill (the uniforms, meh). The ovation they got reflected the fact that the Allentown crowd appreciates that style. Surprisingly I also enjoyed Bluecoats performan
  4. I don't think it matters so much as having a good team. One thing GH failed to recognize as the craft evolved, was that one person could no longer do it through the force of their own personality. There are just too many moving parts. Drew is extremely talented (plus being a first class individual). I would almost say let him decide what interests him the most and then go out and get individuals who will work well with him (and Tom, etc).
  5. Interesting observation on this year's show. I think the 2018 show from the ballad to the end may be one of my favorite shows of all time. The first half, I just wasn't crazy about the dominant musical theme (Crusaders seemed to do a better job mixing the same piece into their show). But under the circumstances, to come up with that pretty much on-the-fly was really impressive. And the kids left it all out on the field, which helped as well. Honestly, I thought that coming off 2018 and with a full planning cycle, the corps would have been able to put together a higher scoring show. But I
  6. You are absolutely correct. It’s amazing how much revisionist history is out there now. From the 80’s until about 2014, GH was a giant. He could be polarizing, but everyone knew “The Cadets way” and understood that it was consistent with long term success on a scale only exceeded by BD. So even the people who didn’t like GH respected the corps, and probably grudgingly respected him on some level as well. Many of the kids who marched for him looked on the experience as life changing in a positive way. What virtually no one knew (and those few who did should be eternally shamed) was that beneath
  7. I’m not a psychologist, but there has to be something seriously wrong with an individual that can go down this road and not have it consume them, whether it’s a priest, a teacher, or a corps director. How does one get up and look in the mirror every day? How does one go about trying to set an example? Even absent a conscience (or the ability to rationalize it, which is the same thing as not having a conscience), how does it not become torture to have that in the past, knowing that at any moment it could become public? It would be like a real-life version of “The Telltale Heart”.
  8. I think there is a difference between feeling uncomfortable and actions. GH is not accused of making people feel uncomfortable. He is being charged with two counts of outright assault, and if the allegations are true they not really a gray area (a jury will still have to assess reasonable doubt, but the seriousness of the alleged crimes themselves will not be in question). The issue of discomfort is much harder because of different standards. Some people are looking to be offended, others have very thick skin. Fortunately, issues of discomfort are a long way from assault, so if we can
  9. Penn State and Bill Cosby (and Matt Lauer and Tiger Woods if you want to throw them in as well) were not controversial at the time of the respective allegations. By contrast, GH was already a highly controversial figure, with plenty of people having a lot of strong opinions. Of course in the Penn State case there were loud voices saying Paterno was long past his sell-by date. Maybe if he were still on top of his game things would have been kept quiet for longer. I worry that there is a problem here that background checks will not sufficiently address.
  10. What I find most perplexing about this topic is that in all the discussion of GH that took place at the time, not one criticism had anything to do with what would become the subject of the allegations, EVEN THOUGH EVERY ONE HAD ALREADY OCCURRED. Even on an anonymous forum like DCP in a thread that was specifically created to bash the guy, no mention. As one who believes that at least some of the incidents rise to some pretty serious levels of misconduct/assault, including potential criminal consequences, it is a mystery how this stayed under wraps for so long.
  11. Read the sentence. "We agree" means his stepping aside is in the best interests of the organization. If that's what his lawyers are basing their suit on, they will have a tough time winning their case.
  12. I happen to know for a fact that GH did not prevent anyone from attending the board consortium (at least not in recent years). If the board members did not attend, it was due to their own personal schedules and conflicts. Let's keep in mind that attending would be at the individual's expense, and a lot of these people already had to fly just to get to YEA board meetings. You can lay many things on GH (and justifiably so), but this isn't one of them.
  13. No one can know for sure, but it is my belief that the sponsors and bands that left would have done so merely because of what is alleged to have happened, not because of the mechanics of the initial investigation. There are a lot of places to spend money, and you don't want your contribution to be tainted. Remember, there have been no allegations of recent misconduct, so every act of which GH has been accused took place years before. So whatever mis-steps may have been made in getting to the truth, it didn't change the allegations. And as for picking the board, I don't think you under
  14. This is the only pubic statement that I have seen: