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  1. I haven’t seen anything but show titles from any Corps in waiting for today’s show. So excited!!!
  2. I wore my Blue Knights shirt to the doctors office today for my checkup, and as I sit down in the little room with the scales and stuff, the doctor was like "Blue Knights? You're into DCI?" And we had like a 15 minute conversation drum corps and percussion stuff and it quite made my day.
  3. I think it'll be something between the lines of Down Side Up and Kinetic Noise, taking a step back while still making another fan favorite, maybe even bringing back the old uniforms?
  4. You make a good point. It's only my opinion anyways. I made this just for fun and for something else to look forward to next season (to see how accurate I am) and I didn't really take this prediction that seriously considering the fact that I only started following drum corps this past January.
  5. What I want to happen: 1) Crown 2) BD 3) Bloo 4) SCV 5) BAC 6) BK 7) Cavies 8) BS 9) Cadets 10) Bones 11) Phantom 12) Mandarins What might actually happen: 1)BD 2)Crown 3)Bloo 4)SCV 5)Cavies 6)Cadets 7)BAC 8)BK 9)BS 10)Bones 11)Phantom 12)Mandarins
  6. i scared my little 2 year old cousin because bumped into a bad bruise i got on my leg earlier but i was so triggered by the scores instead of just saying ow to stay nice and happy for him i screamed out 15% pain and 8500% anger cause im SOOOOO TRIGGERED AHHHHH (this is my first season watching drum corps, I'm sure I'll mature more as a fan about these scores don't worry, but for now I'm triggered) i also made a mess so now i have to clean that up as well
  7. I've been following this thread since when it had maybe about 35 pages, I think this is the first thing I've posted on here. I just wanted to say I hope bloo kills it tonight and they've been an inspiration to me as a young band student who hopes to one day march for a corps and to teach music to other young students one day. Even though they haven't been scoring quite up there with Carolina Crown, I still believe (or at least I have some hope) that they can medal tonight. I wish them the best of luck and go bloooooooooooo!
  8. WOW THAT WAS AMAZING!! Seeing everything live for the first time just blew me away! I could not stop smiling! For no reason whatsoever, I will now describe my experience at show. I went with my dad here to my first show because my parents don't trust me going on my own or without adult supervision (my dad knows nothing about drum corps by the way) I had just eaten and I was really excited to see all the corps drum lines and horn lines and stuff as we were about to park in the parking lot and I was star struck because all these people that I had been seeing on YouTube and stuff for months, are right here! So I was on a full adrenaline rush. After we received our tickets and I got myself a Jagged Line T-Shirt we headed toward the lots. I was freaking out and getting goosebumps just walking by the crossmen front ensemble and hornline since that was literally the first time I'd ever seen either live. Now that I think back on it, I think my dad was slightly worried about me lol I could not stop smiling. I seriously could not decide if I wanted to see the Bloocoats drum line, hornline, or the Carolina Crown hornline. But I headed for the Bloo drum line anyways. The first (and last) thing I saw them do was finish up their last warmup and start setting up to play their show music, but...... because of my little experience and even less experience about lots, I thought that they were packing up (ultimate face palm) so I left disappointed (yeah I screwed up) So me and my dad made the walk to see the bloocoats hornline, and we walked in on them practicing in the sections. I started freaking out (keep in mind adrenaline rush) because I recognized their show music so I was like "AHHHHHH I KNOW WHAT THEIR PLAYING DAD" and I could not decide which section I wanted to hear (my dad was very impressed with the bloo tubas after they played their little feature) Eventually we decided (and by we I meant me) to go check out the trumpet line cause that was where most people were. Then blah blah me and my dad had our faces blown off for the first time after hearing them warm up really loudly (btw Samuel Crawford has the best hair I've ever seen) then we also got our faces blown off by Carolina crown and I freaked out again cause I knew their music too. And shortly after I got ###### off because I heard bloocoats drum line playing through the last notes of their music (yeah those epic big hits at the end) At 7:45 we walked to the stadium and I was humming to Carolina crown and bloocoats playing their show music in the background. That was my lot experience and in another post I'll talk about my show experience cause this is getting long.