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    DCI volunteer for many years; marched in college at Eastern Illinois University for two seasons; drum corps fan since 1988
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    Carolina Crown; Phantom regiment; BlueDevils; Cadets; Bluecoats; Vanguard; Scouts; Troopers
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    Crown E = MC2
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  1. kwetstein

    "Big, Loud And Live" Roll Call

    Fallen Timbers 14 in Maumee, OH (just west of Toledo). Glassmen country (still see their corp jackets in the auditorium). I have 5 in my group tonight, up from my usual of 2 or 3.
  2. Legoman: A theater in Greenville, NC has BLL. That's closer than 2 hours, isn't it?
  3. Since no one else has started this thread yet, and I remember seeing it from past years, let's get it going. Maumee, OH Fallen Timbers Rave Cinema (tend to see the occasional Glassmen alumni jackets at this one, which is cool)
  4. Sorry Patrick! FIXT with an edit
  5. kwetstein


    Forget about the G Bugles; Bring back the Glassmen! Or to follow the opening theme of the thread BRING. BACK. THE. GLASSMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think that's a sentiment we can all get behind, not some silly theory that G bugles sound louder or better that Bb trumpets)