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  1. Maybe the audio folks... they had a tough few days in Indy.
  2. And people are staying off the roads... for the most part.
  3. I did not say non-profits would not benefit. I said they would not benefit from the portion of the bill directed toward EDUCATION.
  4. They are not viewed as educational for the purposes of this bill. The purposes are to support the significant disruption to public education. Corps would be view through the non-profit lens (arts and/or education) but this is outside of the core purpose of the funding.
  5. I plan to donate all of my ticket purchases and FDCI contributions. Planning on increasing donations to the individuals corps I have historically supported to help them weather the storm.
  6. Sorry... I misunderstood your response. My bad.
  7. The "baggage" is all that has gone on with Cadets which led to bands pulling out of events and people not wanting to do business with US Bands. And then there is the use of US Bands revenue t support the corps instead of support... the participating directors and bands. Anyone can start a circuit. But US Bands will be better positioned to be a service organization and not just someones side deal to generate cash. A health, independent, service-focused US Bands is good for music education.
  8. USB will not be sold. They will be a program of YEA. I look forward to a strong USB focused on being a service organization for band directors and music educators in the region free from the stigma of being a piggy bank for the Cadets and related baggage.
  9. Ummm... so it is the alumni's fault. Since it is near Christmas I can understand why you would want to roll out that old chestnut. Yea... the alumni is to blame for the actions of one individual. Good luck with that.
  10. Jeremiah is a real toe-tapper. 🙂
  11. You keep insinuating something when the facts show there is nothing there. Put up or shut up.
  12. You (not you personally) pick up one end of the stick you live with what is on the other. You spread stupid rumors that defame a person for no other reason than some sort of self-satisfaction then you also open yourself up for ridicule and should have the courtesy to come back and admit your error. Scott is a first class human that has saved not one but TWO DCI world class finalist corps in his career. To have some knucklehead(s) spreading clearly false rumors is just not defensible. Your oh-so-clever television-themed snark-laced analogy is clearly misplaced.
  13. And mine are in sync with yours as well. Still waiting for the apologies to Scott as you pointed out earlier...
  14. The past several years they were fueled by C2 members... just think what the corps would have been like without them. I agree with your first point but I am talking about the last few years. And let's face it... the place is not the top choice of potential members these days.
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