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  1. Brass Jim Prime Wayne Downey Michael Klesch Visual George Zengali Steve Brubaker John Brazale Percussion Hannum/Morrison Ralph Hardimon Dennis Delucia/Bob Dubinski
  2. I believe they are letting agreements complete the term and then not renewing. My bet is WGI will be next when the contract expires.
  3. Wow... that is a big move. Sadly, Vic is probably rolling in his grave.
  4. I am sure that would be the case. Just as it is when a clinician has a deal and the Corps may have a deal with a competing brand.
  5. I believe there are many folks from the 70's and 80's who could make it in today's groups. While the talent overall has increased as has the difficulty in design... you play what you are given. I marched with some members that would certainly make DCI today. I know some of the 80s Cadets Front Ensemble members who came from Julliard, Eastman, Boston Conservatory and other schools who were all music majors would make today's ensembles. I also concur with the poster who said... and I paraphrase... today's groups are better because of the groups who came before. Each year builds upon the prior year. Drummers are still moving up and down the 50 if Zengali hadn't decided he needed them to be just another element in his visual design and changed the game. Same is true in brass, percussion, guard. One is not better than the other. One is better because of the other.
  6. Many groups have been using SM for years. It was used with cadets and C2 and I know others have used this or similar products.
  7. As demonstrated by the Cadets performance in August at Allentown. Epic.
  8. Doug made it clear the miles (and the additional cost incurred) was one of the reasons they passed on the WC tour. They had enough fires to deal with without sending the corps out west. I know this was disappointing to many folks on the west coast. It was the right decision to help stabilize the organization.
  9. I agree... no red carpet for the Cadets. It was "either prove you are making the changes need to stabilize and change the organization or face suspension. DCI did work with Cadets on the tour issues but this was after the new board took several major steps to right the ship. That said cixelsyd does have a point. The hammers seem to pound away on the open class corps.
  10. I am not sure this is a response to anything as much as it was part of a planned transition. The Morrison's were eyeing retirement before all the issues popped up last Spring. I am not saying it was not a factor but I think it is not THE factor which many here believe it is. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Again, care to explain how that is possible? Who is it that "the attention these women are getting" is an incentive. Your earlier post alluded to some sort of financial gain which I asked you to explain. Your response is to say it is for "attention." How is the attention beneficial for all the women who have come forward where the statute of limitations have run out? 2nd Question is... do you actually know any of the women? You seem to accept the GH explanation without actually knowing him. Even say how you admire the corps (which most people do... you can admire the corps and not like the director but that is another topic altogether). Your admiration for GH comes in spite of the many people on DCP who have posted with first-hand knowledge what a S*&t S*%w it was working for the guy. Just trying to understand how you formulated your opinion. What facts are you relying on?
  12. Pretty bold statement. Care to share any specifics on how you believe "these women" have a lot to gain by coming forward now?
  13. Not only that but many schools are now booked with so many activities that it is harder to find the free space for even a short period of time. Add to that the reputation and the fact that outside of community organizations are the lowest priority (and as a result pay much higher fees) it is becoming increasingly difficult in NJ. In one instance, a school wanted $24,000 for a three day weekend for one corps (which no corps would ever be able to agree to).
  14. Many MMs use it for the experience that will help them when they go into teaching. I know many who chose where to march based on how the instructional staff would equip them with skills and knowledge they would be able to use as an educator in the future. And yes... many internships are not paid.
  15. Well, most schools turning out music ed majors have near 100% placement rate for graduates who want to enter teaching. As a parent paying for college I would want to know the chances of my child becoming gainfully employed once college is completed (instead of coming back home to roost). This myth that music and arts education have disappeared from our schools is exactly that... a myth. While there may be spots where issues exists... on the whole music education in the US is as strong as ever with plenty of job opportunities for those who want them.