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  1. You could definitely say that things like the example picture are more in really bad taste than something to be considered a crime. It is a weird thing to do and just reminds us of the natural immaturity of people in that age bracket. It just comes with the territory sometimes. We all make mistakes. Having said that I also don't have a problem with corps handling it like the Cavaliers did in a story posted earlier.
  2. I'm fine with trying to be more careful with my words in the future. I'm new to this message forum business.
  3. We will just have to chalk that up to the difficulty of communicating clearly on the internet. I assure you, that was my OPINION. I didn't think I had to state that because it's not a statement that could ever be factual -- whichever way you lean. Ex: Blue is the best color. That's my opinion -- yes I worded it in a strong way but that couldn't possibly be a fact. You really just want to start arguing semantics?
  4. It's not my decision to make. We are just discussing whether or not this should be encouraged and allowed in I&E. I have no power over this happening or not, nor do I claim to have any. This is an interesting debate tactic a few of you are using in this thread. I keep having to defend myself from things I never said. Yes, people have different opinions. Cool. I'm giving mine and asking questions about others (although they usually don't answer them). Quit playing a victim --- I'm not trying to assert authority on you or anyone else. If people misrepresent my views don't get all upset if I respond. I saw this thread start with people encouraging this members action. I don't think it should be encouraged.
  5. All hypotheticals, by definition, do not exist. You make no point here. It is always good to consider hypothetical future implications when making decisions. Not sure who would disagree with that. Now, if you are saying that "I just think that there is NO WAY that the hypothetical situations you named would ever happen" (which you very well could be right about) then you can go ahead with allowing this type of thing to go on. But understand that you are leaving a very wide door open.
  6. No, I am not saying that. Did you see my previous post regarding appropriateness vs. relevancy? You are way off here. There is a difference. The Hopkins Scandal is EXTREMELY RELEVANT to DCI. I&E is not the appropriate place to discuss it. I can't make that any clearer.
  7. ...another member trying to make it sound like I'm saying things that I'm clearly not. I never said anything about relevancy. I said that this was not appropriate. You can draw lines here. It is not appropriate to say the "f word" in church. That doesn't mean that I think that the topic profanity is not a relevant discussion in the world.
  8. Sorry I didn't realize you were addressing people not currently participating in this thread. Maybe some of them will come post eventually. Or maybe they don't even exist.
  9. Nobody said that. Some of you struggle pretty hard to follow a simple discussion.
  10. You are posting your opinion on a message board. I can respond. But if you want to discuss --- there has to be a back and forth. You're just ignoring the points I'm brining up while continuing to vaguely restate yours. I'm not entitled --- just quit talking if you're done. Don't get all upset that you are being challenged.
  11. It doesn't matter if they Music City administration didn't have a problem with it --- I can guarantee you there are other admins from other corps who did. It's ok for me to disagree. And here you go again trying to decide what's relevant or not, all while not being able to justify your own points of view. "I don't like your question so I'm not going to answer it"
  12. I'm considering your points so much to the point that I'm asking you follow up questions. I could you possibly make that claim? Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm not listening or attacking. Just explain yourself. And so far you've somehow managed to bring up that you are a minister and are fighting nazis today. I get it--you're a good guy, but that doesn't make a difference in this discussion. Why do we need to announce our credentials here?
  13. You don't see the can of worms that you're opening by being so vague? Who's to decide what's relevant or not? You could think of plenty of political topics and justify relevance in DCI. Why do you WANT that to be part of I&E? Again, the topic discussed by this Music City individual is not what I have a problem with. I&E is just not the place for it. Like I asked earlier, if you are ok with this, then why wouldn't you be ok with people making political speeches in between (or during) corps performances? There are so many other mediums this person could have chosen that would have reached more people than I&E. Nothing significant will have come from this -- so why make this a part of the activity?
  14. I thought about bringing this up but I figured these guys would just take that as me trying to defend Hopkins and derail the discussion. It's a very relevant point, however.