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  1. It's all about tone, my friend. I hope you re-read your posts and realize how you are coming across to others instead of continually blaming others for how they are responding to you. It's not semantics, it's much more than that. I'm really trying to be helpful and not combative, but it's clear that you are not taking that as such. Peace.
  2. What are you talking about? I was responding directly to your very words. You made the absolute statement below - not an opinion, an assertion. I responded directly to that. This is not at all a debate tactic, although I appreciate you trying to marginalize it by characterizing it as such. I'm not playing the victim - you are the one that has complained several times about people twisting your words. I was trying to share with you how you are coming across to everyone, but it appears you are uninterested in that insight.
  3. And why is this your decision, and your decision only to make? Was twitter the right place to discuss #metoo? Many people didn't think it was. Is the national anthem an appropriate place to raise attention to issues of racism? Many don't think it is. In my opinion (and yes you can disagree), DCI should have had a public service announcement before finals encouraging youth to speak up and report abuse. As much as anything that was the underlying issue with this Hopkins situation, and this would have been a tremendous platform to get that message out. I personally don't feel strongly about this stunt (if there really was one) at I&E - doesn't seem like a tremendously effective way to highlight the issue, but I also don't feel like I can condemn it unless I understand the background and rationale for doing so. Was this person an abuse victim? Is this person aware that abuse is still happening in DCI? I don't know. Your obvious condescension, and attempt to be authoritative on this issue is what everyone is reacting to, not the fact that you want to share your opinion on this matter. But remember, it IS only an opinion. We all have 'em.
  4. DCIdad

    Crossmen 2018

    Kudos to the Crossmen for waiting for the Mandarins to come off the ramp after their performance and cheering and congratulating them on their first ever finals appearance. Well done!
  5. Pretty cool of Crossmen to salute Mandarins as they come up the ramp after performing posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. Mandarins dropped slightly (.2 pts) from last night, but BK dropped .85. The gap between them is only .15. However, PR shot up nearly 3 points in the Eerie show. Hold on to your seatbelts, it's going to be a wild ride in Indy.
  7. Maybe my time zone math is off. Weren't scores expected about 20 mins ago?
  8. DCIdad

    Flo Guy FIRED for Sexist Remarks

    Google needs to invent something new : auto-political-correctness
  9. DCIdad

    Flo Guy FIRED for Sexist Remarks

    Appropriate - he didn't think before he spoke, why be careful with what he types?
  10. With some of the weather and illness issues over the last 3 weeks, I was wondering what impact it has (from a finals standpoint) when corps perform fewer judged events than their peers? For example, of those currently projecting to be in the finals, the Mandarins have the fewest judged events (17). On the other end, Bloo have 25 judged events up until this point. Does that help or hurt the two of them from a finals perspective? As a novice, I would assume that more judged events is better, but is it as simple as that? I also noticed that the Mandarins were on the low end of scheduled events to begin with. Is that simply an indicator of their status/resources compared to other world class corps? Thoughts? Following data pulled from frontensemble Bloo – 25 Cavies – 22 Stars – 22 PR – 22 Colts – 22 SCV – 21 BC – 21 Cadets – 21 Troopers – 21 CC – 20 SoA – 20 Scouts – 20 BD – 19 BK – 19 Xmen – 19 Academy – 19 Genesis – 18 Mandarins – 17 MC – 17 Pioneer – 17 PC – 16 Cascades – 15 OC – 13 Surf – 13
  11. haha...Aug 11th or whenever...isn't that abt 2 1/2 weeks? I guess it is less than 2 weeks away now.
  12. Scheduled to attend final in. 2 1/2 weeks. For the experts out there who have seen all of the shows live, break it to me gently, how likely are Mandies to make finals. I can't bear the heartbreak if they don't after all the buildup this season. We attended San Antonio and thought their show was great. From a novices perspective I've actually been quite disappointed with the placement in the regionals.
  13. DCI 2019: Unplugged. I like it. Watching all of the shows in San Antonio, there were lots of offenders, but Blue Devils were the most aggregious. We were down very low right in front of their main speaker on the right. They, of course, had numerous brass soloists. They were probably all very talented, but a mic'd horn projecting to a speaker which is also mic'd sounds very synthetic. Ruined their show for me.