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  1. Just now, jasgre2000 said:

    Really hope slotting doesn’t take over the rest of the season. The top corps are sooooo close. It really should be a toss up right now.

    I think reputation, both long standing from previous years, but also from earlier in the season, start to really play a factor at this point in the season. Feels like that all gets shaken up a bit in Indy. 

  2. Just now, Fracker said:

    Its funny cuz I'm struggling to see how people like it!  Its like-- I watched this STUPID movie about nazi zombies the other day.  I thought it was just awful.  And to my horror there were people on Netflix rating it 5 starts best movie they've ever seen.  Just not my taste.

    I feel the same way about that Westworld show that everyone loved. 

    When it comes to the Mandies I am also 100% biased. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Chief Guns said:

    Not comparing shows or scores, that's a no-no, but it's still weird to see Mandarins with a higher score than Cadets coming outta the first weekend. But i love it. Way to go Mandarins. Lets see where BK fits in to the mix next weekend. BK is no joke and will be ready. 


    Also curious about Spirit of Atlanta. Anybody have reconnaissance on them? They had some very positive things going last season.  I believe their first performance is tomorrow. They're likely to be a bit lower in the rankings but could make things interesting come Indy. 

  4. Great start for Mandies in Clovis tonight!

    More than 4 points above their opening score from a year ago. A bit surprised their score wasn't closer to Cavies from everything I've seen and heard, but a great start. I really am expecting them to be in the 6-8 range this year, at a minimum. As a reference point, they are starting .01 above where Cadets started a year ago, and Cadets ended up in 7th. Still a long journey ahead, but my gut instinct tells me that's their destined range this year. Hard to imagine them NOT improving from their 10th spot last year. They seem stronger musically and have a more complex show this year. Wish we could fast forward to San Antonio. Anxious to see this season unfold. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, mjoakes said:

    Others out there will be able to say something intelligent about the music at the BD and SCV levels. It all sounds great to me.

    Anyone who likes to complain about park and bark will have plenty of opportunities with SCV and BD. It didn’t bother me. Mandarins do a bunch of drill.

    Interesting observation. Mandies were accused a little bit of the park and bark last year, and also of having a week brass, but they've tried to bolster both of those this year, and continue the string of awesome show themes. 

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