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  1. Yes Scott, the moon does follow you when you walk from your car to your basement appartment in your parent's house...
  2. The memes are hilariously funny!!! Easy to laugh when your team is on a blistering hot streak through the league!
  3. I do understand how we might see a "squeeze" (in general) exerted by DCI rules and trends on scoring and thus placement. Without morphing into a convincing facsimile of a particular style, your favorite corps may have faded, rather than excelled. I recall listening to a standstill in 2016, and thinking how I could easily mistake the corps for another particular well-known corps due to the similarity in style and music selection. I'm happy to say there are exceptions, such as Cadets, Cavaliers, Star, Phantom 2008 comes to mind, and Crown. I'm not completely thrilled with the direction my beloved western coast corps has taken, however, they, as have several others, made an excellent effort to combine a variety of elements (present and past) to produce/perform a product that makes me catch my breath, heart a beat wildly in the closer, give me those wonderful goosebumps, and bring me spontaneously to my feet. They have not won a championship for many years, but I still love them, and appreciate the shows they put on the field.
  4. My wildly curious FANCORPS brain cannot stop fantasizing of the multiple drill/music adjustments and/or possibilities SCV may have in store for us over the next seven nights!!!!!!
  5. Maybe re-runs of Golden Girls and a looping tape of BAC will do the job ...
  6. Um... excuse me... you do know you're watching drum corps???? Right????
  7. * Opening, as designed, grabs our attention * Multi-level towers are organic portion of show * Show design stretches end-zone to end-zone * Interesting variety of extraordinary soloist * Unified Dance Scene well executed and FUN * Horns UP is a drum Corp fan's MOMENT * Emotionally, visually, auditorilly satisfying Very much appreciate this show, especially considering the effort necessary to transform themselves from middle-of-the-pack finalist, to performing organization capable of producing and brilliantly performing BABYLON.
  8. Unfortunately, Ott may take a hit just to ensure a BD win...
  9. Which of these top four or five shows this year propels DCI forward? Which of these shows incorporate the best characteristics of DCI; mix in ingenuity and uniqueness, and perform the hell out of their show?
  10. If you loved Doc Severinsen's studio band, most likely you will love BD (I know I certainly did)... if you loved Cavies three-pete shows, SCV 1999, and the ingenuity of last year's bloooooo and this year's SCV... most likely you and I both absolutely FRIGG'N LOVE SCV!!!
  11. I love how Blue Devils tie in Legend of the One Eyes Sailor in their percussion at the outstart of the show... the opening Brass hits of Vanguard's Oroborus... Crown's intricately woven Fugue... Cavies' FRIGG'N sexy and incredibly talented guard... and on, and on, and on infinity... it's been a great year to watch Drum Corps!
  12. Drinking the Kool-Aid: "...used ironically/humorously to refer to one who accepts an idea/premise [opinion] due to popularity, and or peer pressure." 99.99% here in the DCI Community have favs, and yet we love watching and supporting all these wonderful organizations. 1. "...unremarkable," 2. "...ugly costumes..." 3. "...Ugh..." ... your opinions... your kool-aid.
  13. I'm sorry I thought this was an intelligent conversation... let me put it into the vernacular for you... you're a self-indulgent buffoon if you make and drink your own Kool-Aid. I would say of the top five drum corps, all 5 have remarkable brass ensembles; and not one of them would I say have ugly costumes.
  14. An incredibly vapant disingenuous statement; leaving no room for discussion or response except to disentangle and disengage.