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  1. Thank you all for the responses! I will definitely look into all of those. I'm open to open and world class; I know each group has its own unique experience available and I'd be blessed to be a part of any one of them! Thanks to all of you again!
  2. I'm currently in Maryland. I can afford flights if I need to though. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I am a college junior who has been a marching percussionist for 7 years. I was interested in getting into DCI before my freshman year but was unable to due to military commitments. However, I believe I will be able to march this summer and am trying to figure out what the best fit for someone like me would be. I am fairly experienced and realistically consider myself to be a pretty good player, but I know that making a top 12 corps is very hard without prior corps experience. This will be both my rookie and age-out year, and making a corps will be fulfilling a goal and hope I've had for years. What corps is a good fit for a college student who has played snare for 7 years in a competitive high school group and a college band but not in a corps before? I would love to audition for as many as I can, but as with most people, time and money are a factor. Thanks for your help in advance!