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  1. Really hope the rain doesn't ruin things tonight. Is there a possibility of an indoor standstill here? posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. Hey all, I'm Chris, a snaredrummer from Alabama and I'm new to this site. I joined to ask the question above. I'm a pretty big fan of DCI and have been for a few years but this friday at Nashville will be my first time going to a live event (I've been to a few over the years but those were school trips.) This is my first time going on my own and I've never had the opportunity to arrive early and catch some drumlines in the lot. How do you manage that? It seems to me like if you want to see a higher ranking line like SCV or Bluecoats, you have to stay outaide the stadium and miss other corps performing, and then there's the issue of just finding where they set up. Sorry for the long post, but if any lot vets here could give me the 101 that would be appreciated. Cheers