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  1. I know it is a strange thing to do in this particular topic context, but I wanted to thank the participants on DCP. I was away from the forum for a couple of years and haven't participated in the drum corps as a member for almost 30 years. I recently came back on the forum and I've come to a realization: I'm not a fan of the activity anymore. It's not important to me and there are other things in life much more important than this. My opinions here don't really matter one way or the other and that's ok. They shouldn't because ultimately this activity is in the majority about business, making m
  2. Listen...the ego driven designer that do not get critique can take all the risks they wish, but not with my money. I'm not paying to see someone perform a show about deconstructing a football field of all things and playing a complicated form of Mary Had a Little Lamb. This will be the first year that I will not purchase an audio of Crown's show in over a decade. They can suck it up with someone's money, not mine.
  3. You can be as sarcastic as you wish but the truth hurts. It doesn't make it less true. Ever heard of a staff apologize for a bad design?? I haven't. I'm sure if anything organization offered them the money. Hannum hasn't been the savior for them that many thought by the way. He's been there for several years now and there is yet evidence that their percussion section will score as higher never mind higher than they did in 2009.
  4. I know because there is no accountability for bad design and show concept in DCI. I have mentioned in other topics the significant design flaw in Crown's show this year that has cost them the founders. I am willing to listen to anyone provide a reasonable argument for how the 75% of the music Crown is playing this year has to do with deconstructing anything. The ONLY reason they are doing as well as they are is because the members are supremely talented and perform the show very well.
  5. Some one please take Crown's current designers and show concept people.
  6. Think again. Crown design and show concept are not good at all, but that brass is a level above all the rest.
  7. Yes...an activity that goes from actually helping deal with the crisis of youth turning into a multi-million dollar business industry whose main purpose is to entertain. I can see that the activity now REALLY matters a whole lot.
  8. Too bad Crown doesn't have BD's design people and show concept personnel.
  9. I wasn't trying to slam you, but to bring your intended meaning out more. Jeff did a lot of speaking out against certain elements in the activity, but I think time will make a judgment as to what needs to be done. Trust me, if the current direction starts to lose money it will change back. Unfortunately, the trend is to do change to the fullest until one looks up and sees that there needs to be some balance with change. I personally think that will title contending corps entertainment has gone out the window.
  10. Metaphorically comparing DCI with WWII is very over the top. The two contexts have nothing in common.
  11. They are allowed to do something different, but I won't pay to see it. You now seem to be trolling me, which is fine but if people read my comments versus yours they will find that I offer reasons for my objections to this show to your overly passionate keyboarding that do not address my critiques in any significant fashion. This is my last response to you.
  12. Tilt was not claiming to be deconstructive. Much of formal deconstruction is about the universal human condition. Tilt was not attempting to significantly dive into the realm of multiple layering of hermeneutics. When one claims that a show is about certain concepts, then it needs to live up to the standards of the concept. Tilt was an excellent shows whose desire seemed to be to entertain people, not make an significant interpretative statement.
  13. If more people do what I will do, what would happen to Crown over time??? You are entitled to your opinion about the show this year, but if you wish to defend it when other people critique it, come with something other than some overly dramatic emotional response.
  14. I have no problem with the vocals at all. I think Crown overuses them this year. I think the show concept is as boring as it can be because it does not address a universal human condition and because there is really nothing deconstructive about it musically.