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  1. Some folks petitioning DCI to extend age out year to all contracted this year. On Change.org you can find it by searching DCI or link below. http://chng.it/tw2YN8xVYD https://www.change.org/p/drum-corps-international-allow-contracted-all-2020-dci-members-an-extra-year
  2. I totally agree and support this idea. The season is so short and so much work goes into it.
  3. As a current parent covering the costs of a World class member, here's a short summary of where the majority of tuition $$ goes from my perspective (my 2 cents 😉 ). Not in any particular order. 1. Instruments - New ones every other year ish 2. Uniforms 3. Food 3. Transportation 4. Staff 6. Housing during camps and tour. I don't think those high schools are free. 7. Equipment maintenance (Trucks, trailers, instruments) 8. Props 9. Maybe some music licensing?
  4. My conspiracy theory is that because of BDB and SCVC dominance, DCI has requested they don't attend Open Class Finals. By not attending, it may garner more support and attention for the other Open Class Corps as they haven't broke top 2 for close to a decade. Financials are the cover story. I do think a result of this is a higher number of auditions for the other Open Class Corps in CA that tour (Gold, Golden Empire).
  5. It's disappointing that a rotation of location for any of the DCI finals is not being discussed. Even for World Class, the west coast Corps have more costs with respect to travel.
  6. A letter just sent to BDB parents that they are also remaining on west coast. Open Class Finals will be missing the top 2 Corps next year.
  7. Let's go BDB, close the gap for #1!! My son says they have had some great rehearsals, cleaning, and some changes for improvement.
  8. My son is in BDB. They finally have their prop panels. It should help with the presentation of the show concept. We'll see what the judges think.
  9. Great show Saturday night. I think Battalion is under-rated. Their show was very good. I am biased towards BDB, but if they ever get their props complete and their show cleaner, their level of difficulty is the highest and the scores will hopefully reflect that at finals.
  10. Blue Devils B in Concord, CA. Blue Devils C In Pleasant Hill and Orinda, CA
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