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  1. 1. BD - Because I absolutely LOVE high-concept shows and this was classically one of them. One of the many things (subject matters) in the world that I wouldn't have known about had it not been for this show. BD seems to do this a lot and I really love it when they challenge me mentally. Also, whenever I watched this show this season, I would be surprised by how fast the 12 minutes would go by. 2. Cavaliers - My alumni corps. This show felt very on-brand and I just loved the passion put into this show. 3. SCV - Lots of hiccups this year in regards to visual and design but I just love hearing their musical arrangements. I'm also a sucker for a dominant mello line. 4. Bluecoats - I'm not a Beatles fan but I really loved the unique musical arrangements. Though, "Hey Jude" was just a little too pander-ey for my taste. Also, visually, I thought their field was a little too busy. But still enjoyed the show very much. 5. BAC - I've always enjoyed their guard and it's a pleasure to watch them. 6. Blue Knights - I love how cinematic in nature their shows are. This one is no exception. 7. Mandarins - I loved their trumpet feature! I've really been increasingly impressed with their hornline. 8. Crown - Great hornline as usual. Didn't connect with this show as much but I loved their ballad!
  2. I want him to do BDI so we can see him perform some more! Also, to show Top Secret DC how to play the snare WELL.
  3. Perhaps a Rocket Mortgage "commercial" or two (or seven).
  4. Perhaps a Rocket Mortgage "commercial" or two (or seven).
  5. Michael Giacchino stuff would be awesome! I could totally hear BD playing his stuff. As a front ensemble guy myself, I'd personally love to play Michael Giacchino's stuff (especially his xylophone parts).
  6. Would this just be a show with the Birthday Song, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and a bunch of Sousa marches?
  7. I would love it personally. But this seems more like a Bloo type of show. I personally, don't enjoy anthology shows. Now, if they were to tie in an Earth, Wind & Fire song into a much more high-art concept, I can totally see that.
  8. I’d really like BD to win the brass caption again (of course, along with #20)!
  9. Cancelled! And they also got about 4 paragraphs of “feedback”.
  10. Every corps will each have two sousaphone solos and triple the amount of trombone glissandos.
  11. Sure, I’d be into this if they moved DCI Championships to California. Let’s see how many “Bloo”s you’d get then. 😉
  12. At least on DCP it’s still pretty tame compared to what I’m reading on Twitter and Reddit. Some people just really hate BD with all their might.
  13. So is this the first time a violinist has received a championship ring in DCI?
  14. Funny thing about echo chambers is that everyone already agrees with each other. So yeah, I guess “so many” believe Bloo should’ve won in your world. But I’m sure every BD/SCV/etc. fan would make that same observation about their corps’ show.