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  1. My attempt at a review of the Cavalier's 2019 show: Absolutely loved this production. One of my favorites of the 2019 season. I thought the uniforms, props and naration fit the "wrong side of the tracks/gangs of New York" (or perhaps "gangs of Chicago," in this case) theme very well, as did the musical selections. Some of the smoothest and best ensemble playing by the horn line of any corps last year. I really don't know anything about percussion, but the Cavalier's front ensemble always blows me away... so exiting to listen to and especially to watch. "Road to Perdition" is everything I love in a ballad. It was beautiful, haunting and moving. And those soaring sustained chords at the end induce chills in me every time. I found the "There is only one guarantee--none of us will see heaven" narration to be poignant and sobering. There are people on this planet that feel that marginalized and hopeless. We can't forget them. The frenetic firing off of the rifles in all directions at the end of the closer, with the battery pounding out the staccato sound of a train passing, was a perfect climax to the anger, frustration and cries for help that came before. And after the big collapse to the ground of all the corp members at the end did you notice the lone guard member walking along the train trestle, looking at his hands, after having just pushed another guard member of the top to his death? He can't believe what's he done, how his destiny has unfolded, how his life has "slipped of the track." To my mind this was everything a drum corps show should be...pure entertainment. Kudos to the members and their staff for this amazing production.
  2. A few of the moments from DCI 2019 that gave me chills: Blue Devils romantic ballad... those sonorous, sustained chords... those big, exposed guard moments... so much raw emotion. Carolina Crown's high velocity marching and playing in the closer, the sustained company front, and the crown set on the last note... such incredible dynamism and power. Cavaliers rifles firing off in all directions at the end of their show and the collapse onto the ground of the whole corps with the sound of the train passing... so intense and climactic. Blue Knights rotating battery circles at the beginning of their opener... just mesmerizing, and sets the mood so perfectly for their show.
  3. This corp never ceases to amaze me... year after year of such entertaining, amazing, high quality productions. Such professionalism. Such class. I watched this year's show as it evolved, layer by layer, into the masterpiece that it became by championships week. And the execution level on finals night really took it over the top. The triumphant closer had so much passion and power and soaring emotion. I really felt that one... My favorite moment of the season. Thanks and congratulations on "19 in '19" to all the performers and to everyone in the Blue Devils organization.
  4. I'll be watching the video of this Bluecoats 2019 production for years to come. Pure joy. Pure entertainment. Fully realized art... A masterpiece. Thanks to all the performers and the entire Bluecoats organization.
  5. I love seeing the emotion and even tears on the faces of members at the end of a finals performance as they soak in the thunderous applause and bathe in the appreciation of thousands of standing, screaming fans. If somehow you could ask these members when they were in their 80s to rank what the happiest moments in their lives were, I bet many would put this experience high on the list. Congratulations to all the performers this year. Thanks for a spectacular season of drum corps.
  6. Thinking ahead... For the 2020 finals I would so much like to be able to get a few tickets low in section 140. Since they never seem to be offered on Ticketmaster (at least that was my experience when I checked very early when finals ticket went on sale last year) I assume assume these seats must be in some way reserved. Could someone please tell me how one gets access to purchasing these prime tickets (Is it by becoming a donor to DCI or to a particular corps?) Sorry this is off topic, but in some recent posts were people have been talking about their their great seats at finals, and it got me thinking. Thanks very much.
  7. This is my first real post, although I have been reading these forums for ages. I couldn't resist replying to this topic, because it's what interests me most about this activity... those amazing moments in a show that cause cause you to gasp, make your heart swell, or simply feel the glorious richness of music in motion. For me these moments are sublime and transcendent, and illustrate the power of art to help us experience our deeper nature as human beings. Sometimes, this comes a big impact moment in the show, when the whole corps is firing on all cylinders... you can feel the power, coherence, and energy radiating from 154 talented and highly focused individuals. But I also can get emotional just seeing the face of one member who may get caught on camera... someone obviously giving 100% to their performance and striving with all their heart and soul for some kind of personal perfection. It's wonderful, and makes me remember some of my own drum corps experiences, which, by the way, were a very long time ago. There are an endless number of these kind of moments that one could cite from this season, but I will mention just a few from the Blue Devils Ghostlight show, as it is one of my current favorites. However, I am sure you can find these special moments in virtually any of the shows this year, as they are all so good in their own way. Some of these have already been cited: There is that point near the end of the Blue Devils opener, after the second trumpet feature, when the music is building and the drill is becoming more complex. All the guard is on rifle, and in the back field, at a perfect moment in the music, there is a big toss by one group of rifles. Then, as if in response a few seconds later, there another big toss by a second group. Then the horn line starts their big rotating, collapsing rectangle, which I heard one member describe on "Inside BD 360" as probably the most difficult part of the show. I find the power and energy in this sequence mesmerizing. And that trumpet screamer at the end just really caps it all off. I find the whole Blue Devils ballad full of beauty and emotion, but that huge, unison saber toss by the guard always takes my breath away. It's so exposed, but so perfectly in tune with the feeling of the moment. Glorious. Finally, near the end of the closer, there is a point where some performers in the horn section break off from the larger block and stand motionless in various poses, almost like statues. Then, at just the right moment, they snap to life and become the lead person in the files that are all quickly marching towards the platforms in the front. When I first saw this it just struck me as such a wonderfully creative touch to that segment, which is already building visually and musically to the climax of the show. I also love how, now, during the final few seconds, the featured violinist walks along the platforms leading the ghostlight. It becomes a wonderful focal point for the ending... and is so artistically imagined. I have followed the development of this show since their first performances of the season, and it seems to me that with each added flourish the designers are adding asthetic richness and complexity, and are creating something truly amazing. These are just a few observations from the Blue Devils show. I really hope that others will continue to add comments about their own favorite moments from DCI 2019, as it will help me (and probably others) appreciate their incredible artistry and creativity or, more simply, just enhance the appreciation of all these great shows this year.
  8. In reference to the above... I think for simplicity I would prefer to sell the above as a package (tickets for both nights.) I could negotiate the price if you are interested in doing that.
  9. I have two tickets to Indianapolis Semifinals on Friday (Section 143, Row 5, Seats 17 and 18) and Finals on Saturday (Section 139, Row 4, Seats 3 and 4). I just had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital, so now I won't be able to attend. I would sell the tickets for what I paid for them ($117.60 for the two Semifinals tickets and $277.60 for the two Finals tickets.) I also have reservations for a suite room at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites (downtown) that I could probably transfer to you if you are in need of accommodations.
  10. In reference to the above... I also booked a suite room at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites (downtown, in walking distance to the Lukas Oil Stadium). I could probably transfer that reservation if you are in need of accommodations.
  11. I have two tickets to Indianapolis Semifinals on Friday (Section 143, Row 5, Seats 17 and 18) and Finals on Saturday (Section 139, Row 4, Seats 3 and 4). I just had a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital so now I won't be able to attend. I would sell the tickets for what I paid for them ($117.60 for the two Semifinals tickets and $277.60 for the two Finals tickets.)