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  1. It is ALWAYS cold in LOS. The cold air vents are right over the 200s / 300s /400s, so that seems to be the coldest. Football game, soccer match, BOA, ISSMA...I am always cold. I've volunteered all around the building and sat all around the building, and I'll say that mid-stands are the worst for cold, as is the tunnel at times. The dock/prop area can be hot as hell, and the field is actually fairly comfortable. I always bring a jacket or sweater.
  2. Down here on the field those front ensemble kids are busting their ##### to get their gear off and on. Not sure they could do it much faster. Lucas Oil field is really mushy and hard for heavy gear to roll around on.
  3. I know exactly who you mean! She rocks. That's not me....I must be on side two and the next section over. Red hair.
  4. All of this is true - I work in the building next door, and the building DCI is/was in went several weeks with no AC this summer. They are down in the basement and are crammed into tiny cubicles, and the parking garage we share with them is falling down and often full. I'm not surprised they would move, but out in generic airport office land is kind of a surprise. It will make running back to the office for supplies a LOT more difficult.
  5. If I recall the Friends section for finals is 239-241, 339-341, 439-441, and I think (maybe) part of 139-141. Not sure about that last part.
  6. If I recall, there is a generator at LOS, or at least there has been in previous years. It was right up against the wall, under a tarp, kind of off to the side. I doubt anyone in the stands can see it.
  7. Both the SoundSport and Drumline battle schedules are now up on the Soundsport Facebook page .
  8. Unless they checked badges coming in from the lot, I am doubtful about this. I was literally the volunteer at the door where the corps and props come in from the loading dock both yesterday and today, and I can assure you that no performers in uniform were wearing badges and we certainly weren’t checking for them. Now, once they had performed and were wearing street clothes, they are required to wear lanyards with credentials. Staff, however, are required to wear credentials at all times and we will stop and check corps staff without visible credentials, even if they are with the corps heading to the field.
  9. If you really, really tried, you could catch parts of Boston, BD and Blue Stars - they will all be on the west side of Indy about 20 min from each other at Brownsburg HS, Ben David HS and Northwestway Park. Saw a bit of Boston tonight.
  10. I worked Semis, so they were the afternoon corps who were watching the evening corps. At the very end of the night we were getting some of the higher corps, since there was no retreat.
  11. I have to say - all of the MMs who tried to poach in my Friends section were very nice when I asked them to move. They mostly were surprised and unsure where else to go, or were surprised that their wristband wasn't an "all-access pass" as one MM called it. I would point them to the end zone sections and they almost always thanked me. Surprisingly, I only got grief from two people, both adults, one of whom was exceptionally rude. If parents wandered into my section to see their kid perform, of course I let them stay while that corps performed, and they were always nice about moving afterward. I also let people stay for one performance if they were dashing around at the last minute looking for their seats, rather than have them distract everyone else. But I didn't work Finals night, so things were a touch more relaxed.
  12. Going waaaaay back in this thread, someone asked what expenses DCI might have in producing a show. I don't have any insight specifically, but some of the expenses I've dealt with when putting together large events include: - Permit fees for street closures and event permits - Security - both off-duty police for traffic and paying medics on standby - Trash removal - Rental items - stanchions, barricades, tents, AV equipment, tables, chairs, walkie talkies, golf carts, etc. - Liability insurance - I would imagine theirs is more than just the standard "slip and fall", so might be pretty expensive. Most venues that you rent out require at least a $1 M rider, and I would imagine this takes more than that. This would require a certificate be issued for each venue, adding the venue as additional insured. - Rain insurance for outdoor shows - this costs more than you might think....Depending on how much of the ticket income they want to recover in case of cancellation and the amount of rain at which it kicks in, this can be costly. For instance, covering 80% of the gate at .25" of rain during gate open hours would cost more than covering 60% of the gate. - Of course venue rental, if applicable, and the associated fees - how many of the venue staff do you need on-site, for instance janitorial, administrative, facilities - you have to pay the guy who has the key to unlock the loading dock, ya know. Some sites may charge a damage deposit and withhold some of it if the turf needs repair afterward. Again, not saying I have any inside knowledge - these are just expenses I've dealt with putting together special events in my job.
  13. Not to further hijack a thread, but I'd like to add another voice on the seat issue. I was also a pink shirt. I've been a drum corps fan since the 70s, and was not there for a 'free seat.' When you sign up to volunteer, you do not get to pick your assignment -you are told what you'll be doing a couple of weeks ahead of time via email, you could just as easily be sent to open the loading dock door (did that last year) and miss the whole thing. (Still an awesome assignment - you get to see everyone's pre-show ritual and post-show emotion up close.) I worked in the Friends section one afternoon and ended up staying for a second shift because they needed the help - eating my $86 dollar ticket that I had purchased for that night. I did it because I am a fan and a local, and I want the event to succeed in my town. A nonprofit organization like DCI has to exist by soliciting donations, and offering perks like exclusive seating for higher-level gifts is a solid fundraising strategy. You can't afford to dilute that by letting people who aren't donors to get that same perk, even if they go empty. Our instructions were to not let anyone in without a Friends pass, so that's what we did. I tried to be nice, not block anyone's view, and clap and cheer for every corps. I'll volunteer next year, and whether I'm in Section 140 or handing out cups of water in the lot, I'll still be excited and supportive.
  14. Parking meters in Indy are all connected to the Parkmobile app - you can pay from the app and renew your spot remotely. Most (but not all) of the garages and lots are run by Denison and use the ParkWhiz app, so you can find and pre-book parking in certain garages and lots.