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  1. Can I march with an aluminum walker? It's lightweight and really helps with the knees I busted while dancing on concrete during drum corps.
  2. Similar story with my high school color guard. No males allowed per tradition. Practiced my butt off and showed up to auditions and made the guard. Got a lot of flack from the football team at first but it died down after I told one of the star players I spent 4 weeknights of 3-hour rehearsals surrounded by girls.
  3. Son of a.... Now I have to go back and re-read everything.
  4. Wondering if those guard members still sing unflattering songs about her [judging].
  5. Flag: Demonstrating how a performing member can maneuver a bedsheet on a stick to help visually amplify the music. (Also to rally the troops, defend, retreat, intimidate the enemy, and unify the team) Sabre: Demonstrating how a performing member can showcase dexterity and subtle power through nuance. (Also to stab, slice, cut, parry...) Dance: Demonstrating how a performing member can exhibit agility and technical skill through the art of movement. (Also to slap, punch, bite, pull hair, scratch, drop-kick, round-kick, strangle, whatever...) Rifle: Demonstrating how a performing
  6. "Unfortunately, there was no cooperation at all from anyone making those accusations. Despite our pleas for cooperation, we were told so long as George remained in his role, no one would allow herself to be interviewed or reveal any facts that might confirm the allegations. No responsible board of directors can take action based solely on anonymous allegations. One of the many disappointments in this regrettable situation is third parties who claimed specific knowledge of these allegations failed to assist in bringing this to a proper resolution, offering instead to bury those same allegations
  7. This is a competitive activity. Such an action would mean conceding defeat. I highly doubt Cadets would easily concede or go down without a fight for 2018. Members have paid most of their dues and have been rehearsing their show. Spring training is in about one month. There is no reason to give up. Just my opinion.
  8. You can check out the reddit thread on this subject. It doesn't appear to be isolated.
  9. "Based on recent reporting, Drum Corps International has been made aware of claims made by former performers and employees of a participating organization against the director of that organization. "DCI is deeply concerned about these accusations and anyone who may have been subjected to or affected by behavior which is not in keeping with our core values. "As a cooperative association of individual groups, Drum Corps International is committed to fostering mutual care and respect among, between and within its participating ensembles and member organizations. DCI treats all with dign
  10. The Cadets will recover as the strong corps it is. It may take some time and there are many people that will step up to the plate given the chance.