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  1. Right? It’s absurd. Music is 1/2 this activity. I am in Europe right now. Last year I would have bothered staying up in the middle of the night to watch. This year, nope! After Atlanta was over, I felt I wasted the whole day watching nothing. I’m not doing that anymore. Crown was literally the only show I didn’t find boring this year. I don’t want to sit and watch hours of musical technical exercises played standing still and scatter drill body movements to the next set with limited drill. I just came here to say THANK YOU CROWN AND I LOVE YOU. You gave me what I love most about this activity this year. You were the only one. I loved your show so much. I fear you two are going to drift into the dreadfully boring land of DCI today, because you have to if you want to win again. This year has proven you cannot be successful from a competitive standpoint playing difficult and melodic music while marching an actual drill that is difficult, well designed and musical. I am honestly just dumbfounded. I cancelled by Flo subscription. Next year, I will not renew. I will see what videos I can and if something turns around I’ll start watching again, but for now I need to start seeking out another activity or activities to replace DCI. Note: the above is not about Crown placing 4th, it is about my feelings that the activity has drifted so far from a music and marching activity and has gotten so dreadfully boring (to me). Had Crown placed 4th and I felt entertained by this activity, I would not have these sentiments.
  2. Look, I agree with you as things look now, and I can’t argue against any of those stats you put up. However, I don’t see that happening on finals. San Antonio is not finals. Some corps are going to excel and widen gaps and others are going to fade and fall behind. It happens every year (although I will admit this year is rare). I think that’s highly annoying and stupid, but that’s just the way it works because these corps are so good. But, by finals, I think it is going to be a two man race between BD and Bloo and I think the GE winner takes it. They are both likely going to be top 2 in all GE and Visual captions (save guard) by finals. Music could go either way between Bluecoats and BD. BD was 5th in brass tonight and Bluecoats 6th in percussion last night. If BD wins VP and VA content on finals night, then they will certainly win achievement too. Again, IF. If that happens, then BD is going to top Bloo in Visual. If that happens then that washes out most, if not all, of any advantage Bloo may have in Music. So If Devils win Visual and beat Bloo in GE, then the likelihood of Bloo winning is slim to none. They absolutely have to win GE (or at the very least beat BD in it, but I don’t see anyone other than BD or Bloo winning GE). I also think BD has to win GE to win. It’s going to come down to BD and Bloo and it’s going to come down to GE, in all likelihood. Unless BD somehow wins both Visual and Music. Just my opinion. There won’t be 5 corps vying for brass at finals. There won’t be 5/6 corps vying for guard at finals. There won’t be 6/7 corps vying for percussion at finals. There aren’t even two vying for it now. Vanguard is probably going to win that. When is the last time they lost percussion (does anyone know)? I think they have been 1st in percussion for the past many shows in a row, so I’m not sure how you think 6/7 corps maybe 8 are vying for percussion currently. There won’t be 3 corps vying for visual at finals. There were not 3 corps vying for visual tonight - it was a two man race between Bloo and BD. There will be two corps vying for GE at finals - that we agree on.
  3. Exactly. I don’t know why it seems some can’t see this. They have burned me too many times in the past when I’ve counted them out. I will never do that again. They are the ONE corps you do not want 0.2 behind you at this stage in the game. They are by far the most successful corps, from a competitive standpoint, in this activity. Their staff is proven.
  4. Um. No. SCV is my favorite. Always. Therefore, BD is not. So definitely not jockeying because I am not happy with Vanguard’s show this year. I can see past my biases. They (Devils) have the best show in DCI this year IMO. It may not be my favorite, but I think it best. You may be doing math, but you’re not looking at trends and you’re not looking at content in visual. The overall score spread has been shrinking, BD is winning the content battle in visual (that’s not new) and took GE tonight (that’s new). I think BD will win. Do I think Bluecoats could win? Absolutely, but not without winning GE. That’s all I’m saying. I don’t believe they can win without winning GE at finals. I actually like the Bluecoats show better than Devils and Vanguard, and I like Crown’s show the best the best of all. But, from a judging perspective I think Devils have the show that will read the best and be most rewarded with the judges from a visual and GE perspective (toss up with Bloo on GE). If Devil’s take GE and Visual, I don’t see how they can lose, especially if Crown takes Brass and Vanguard takes Percussion. If Crown takes Brass and Vanguard takes Percussion, then I think it’s going to come down to GE, because I do not think Devils will be 5th in Brass at finals.
  5. It’s doesn’t matter if you think my point has no logic. Did you ever think you think it has no logic because you have the Bluecoats logo as your picture? No corps in the history of the activity has won without winning a caption and it’s not going to happen this year. If Bluecoats win, they will win because they won GE. If they don’t win GE it’s over, because they are not likely to win Brass, Percussion, Music, Visual or Guard. The writing is on the wall. They absolutely have to win GE to win at finals. Betting on BD to be 5th in brass at finals is a fools bet. They are the Blue Devils. They finish better than anyone else.
  6. No. The closest was 1991 when Star didn’t win a single caption outright, but tied for 1st in three.
  7. Yeah, my money is on BD. Winning GE and topping Bloo in all content sub captions in visual bodes very well for BD, and not so well for Bloo. BD cleans up their brass (which they will likely do) and it’s over. No one knows how to put it together down the stretch like BD does. Any other corps 0.2 behind me, maybe I’m not so worried. BD 0.2 behind me and I’m terrified.
  8. Not nonsense. Not nonsense at all. BD is already showing signs that they are going to win it all. It’s happening. So, no, no one who goes winless caption wise is going to win finals.
  9. I’m not sure why you think the Colts got hosed. I think they were right where they should have been. Academy has a very clean and very nice visual show. Colts visually a bit messy and the props are just poorly constructed. I’m not surprised Academy is moving up. It’s a very nice show.
  10. I’m surprised at some reactions to the recap. THIS is how it should be - judges calling it like the see it.
  11. Yep, and that’s going to be a HUGE problem for them down the stretch. I think, based on the recap, BD has the clearest path to victory.
  12. Yep, tarps are a HUGE mistake. It makes it so hard to see what’s going on - on the tarps with the glare and shadows. Such a bummer. I realize that creating another masterpiece like Babylon and Oroboros is a huge order, but what is the staff thinking with these tarps? Perhaps tarps of a different color and material would have worked, but these don’t. Everything, except the guard uniforms, gets lost in them. I still love this show from a musical perspective.....but visual they really really missed the mark this year.
  13. LOL. Not. Going. To. Happen. Boston fans should be more worried about staying ahead of the Cavaliers than passing Crown, in my opinion.
  14. I am really digging the drill. Such great and challenging drill from them this year. It’s cleaning up nicely too, which bodes really well in their battle with BK and Cadets, IMO.
  15. I think they will both beat the Cadets from here through Indy. Their show designs are just so much better and they are executing as well, if not better. I think Blue Stars land in 7th. That show is just too good.
  16. This show has come further than I thought, but I think they need to dump the black uniforms and just wear the same uniform the whole show. The change is poorly executed and the blacks are just too old fashioned. Still, the corps can be proud that they have taken this show to new heights. I wrote them off in the first week, but they are pulling together.
  17. Yeah, I got what you're saying, but I'm not sure it matters really how clean they get. I literally have no life, so I have spent hours and hours and hours over the years scouring through fromthepressbox.com and reviewing scores and recaps for years. If you look at 2009-2012, and 2016-2018, these match ups and contests are decided by now, especially by San Antonio. There is just so little movement among the entire top 17 between now and finals, but especially among the top 5/6. I just think if Crown stood a chance to medal or win, we would see those opportunities in the recaps. Like we are seeing opportunities for BD to take down Bloo. All in all, I think what we see tonight is going to be exceptionally close to what we see on finals night, unfortunately. There really is, IMO, a complete lack of excitement about placements from here on out.
  18. As I said above, I will defer final judgement until I see them on Flo. The criticisms I have made a acceptable based on video because I was seeing it from the audience members point of view and half the tarp had glare over it from the stadium lights, and the hornline nearly disappears while on the tarp because there is not enough contrast between their uniforms and the colors on the tarp. I’m judging design elements, not performance quality. Design elements can be judged the same live as on video, performance quality cannot. I agree seeing a show live is a different and better perspective. I do not go on every thread and talk about everything I like and dislike. I go on the Vanguard, Crown, Regiment, Madison and sometimes Cadets thread and talk about everything I like and dislike because 1) they are my favorite corps, and 2) it is a discussion board. Vanguard is my #1. They've been my #1 since I first saw them in 1984. That will never change. Perhaps I am overly critical because of that love, but I do feel that some visual design mistakes were made this year that are going to keep them from defending their title. There's nothing wrong with saying that. I can look past my bias and see what's there (and what's not).