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  1. As someone who was just in Italy for the past 2 months studying abroad, it was insane to see just how fast this virus spread in the course of a week. But I can attest the attitude from most people over there was very "we're fine no need to worry" and still is. Insane to see Ohio State and Kent State closing campus but good they're being proactive?
  2. Quick question for those of have gotten the disk or have in the past. Do the performances come as high camera or multi angle? Or both? Thank you advance 😊
  3. My gosh, I just got the other interpretation. Alright just to clarify, I am rooting for a second championship and that is all 😂 I’ll let them worry about their personal issues...
  4. I think I actually like the excitement of waiting until the premiere to find out what they’re doing. When they announce the show though is not really any of my business or have any effect on how I feel about the show. As long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing on the field I’ll be a happy camper 😊. I don’t know anything about this upcoming season but I’m sure Bloo will make their mark as usual. Premiere can’t come fast enough
  5. It's interesting that you say that because I've always thought the same. I think both parties should have mutual respect and love for one another. When I was in band, I didn't have a great experience with some football players, but I still couldn't wait to get on the field friday nights and play my heart out and cheer my team on, even though I don't think they had the same care for us. And they weren't bad, had decent seasons. Made the playoffs 3 of the 4 years I was there, tho lost in the first round 2 or those 3 times so there's that. And my band also played a "post game" show where we played a standstill run through of our show for the band parents who had to work concessions during games and whoever wanted to stay and here us play again, and there was usually a decent crowd, but no players stayed to watch. The year after I graduated or so the football team seemed to become the band's biggest fans, and even stayed after the game to watch and cheer the band on. And shortly after made it to back to back state title games for the first time in school history. Coincidence? Probably. But to further your point, see what happens when everyone gets along? 😂😉
  6. Fair enough, and I think there has been an obvious shift in show design. Not sure if that is because of Lucas Oil or just part of the times. But let's say finals never stayed stagnated in Indy, would show design still be as evolved as is now? And what corps would be most effected if not? I just always hear about designing the "soundscape" which is probably very much suited for indoor venues. But what if the corps that haven't been very successful with that currently didn't have to worry as much about it? There probably wouldn't be much difference but I just caught myself thinking about it haha.
  7. So it's been a little over 2 months since the season has ended, and all is quiet in DCP world as usual during the off season. I find myself often going back and watching the sparse clips of finals night performances and missing the season all over again. But then that also brought to my attention the many times I hear see people not as satisfied as having finals in a dome, let alone in the same venue year in and out. I know DCI moved championships to Indianapolis in 2008? (Please correct me if wrong haha!) And as far as I'm aware, championships were rotated around the country prior to that yearly in a majority of outdoor venues. So for the past 12 seasons, finals have been in one spot in an indoor stadium. And this started to make me wonder, would competitive results have been different over the years if this weren't the case? I know some corps have lost prominence in the Lucas Oil era and others have gained. I have not been around DCI long enough to know if this has had any profound effect on competitive results or if these are just natural rises and falls that would've happened anyways regardless. So my question to anyone out there is do you think the move to Lucas Oil has had any effect on corps success and if so how do you think results would fare today if they would have continued rotating finals around the country in outdoor domes. Hope everyone is having a great off season! 😁
  8. This year was a great year top to bottom honestly. Best I've seen yet. I'll rank the top 12 from my personal enjoyment level! 1. Bluecoats 2. The Cavaliers 3. Boston Crusaders 4. Carolina Crown 5. Crossmen 6. Santa Clara Vanguard 7. Phantom Regiment 8. Blue Stars 9. Blue Devils 10. The Cadets 11. Mandarins 12. Blue Knights I enjoy looking at everyone's list. It's interesting!
  9. After a record high year and a show as special as this, where do our 2019 silver medalist go from here? I can't wait! Discuss!
  10. Am I alittle bummed? Sure. More than deserving of a championship this year. BUT, that doesn't change how fun of a season this has been and will be remembered as! Still leading the activity in innovation and more than on the right track competitively. They know what they need to do. They'll be in the running again next year..... Time for bed. THANK YOU BLOO. It's been a pleasuring watching you all season! 💙 p.s. I know we got second, but why is no one talking about a new record score for this corps! (Was in the process of typing this and didn't see everyone talking about it LOL)
  11. Even in defeat, Bloo has a new personal high score. I’ll take it. Congrats to all tonight!
  12. Bluecoats opening sun/flower to rotating bubbles is one of my favorite drill moves of the season! Go Bloo!!
  13. I see finals brings the know-it-alls out in full force. GO BLOO!
  14. Didn’t purchase flo earlier since I worked during most of the shows. But I have Friday and Saturday off and Bloo (and of course most other corps) is making a broke college student want to spend some $$ for 2 days worth of a subscription......
  15. Seeing as I was born that year, I was probably the one doing the most crying.
  16. I'm thinking she might've used the word in the wrong sense. I think she was referring more to the narration and vocals that are very present in a lot of the shows today!
  17. No idea where to even start! Best show I've been to yet. It was a great experience and glad to take some new and old fans along with me! Found out my aunt, who I invited along was actually into DCI heavily about 20 years and fell off for family reasons. So this was her first show since then! I asked her how is it now compared to then and to summarize her 3 main points she said were, "More athletic. More lyrical. Darker themes." Interesting as these have all been discussed on here before. Alright now to get some quick thoughts down! Crossmen: Probably never easy opening a show but they held their own and owned it as the first performance. Seems like a more mature version of last years group. My favorite show of the first half of performers. Phantom Regiment: This group has seriously improved over the course of the season and I really liked seeing this show in person! They sound great and have really cleaned up. I would say they're just a small notch above Crossmen. Maybe. Mandarins: This show didn't grab me as much as last years. With that being said I still enjoyed them and think they're right where they should be competitively! Blue Knights: I would say a noticeable notch above the others. They appeared much cleaner which probably helped. A very mature show. My least favorite of the night but that doesn't diminish the talent this group has! -Intermission- Carolina Crown: This is where the performance level jumped for the night. That opening hit is a highlight of the show for me. That ballad was LOUD. The music of the show is one of my favorites for the season. They were the first corps to get a majority of the crowd on their feet! Boston Crusaders: Not to cause a stir but to me, Boston seemed louder and more engaging than Crown. Story shows have really become Boston's thing. I don't believe Crown should be 2 points ahead of the Crusaders. The Cavaliers: WOW! I was not a fan of the show at the beginning of the season but this has grown into one of my favorites. That brassline is on fire. Major improvement over last year, just seems everyone else has majorly improved from last year as well. Santa Clara Vanguard: I'll say the same thing I said last year about them. Their performance levels are what's driving this show. The show has grown on me but still not one of the favorites. But the way they perform make you want to fall in love with it. This performance hit another notch above the night. The Bluecoats: Honestly this show just feels larger than life in every way possible. This is easily the best edition of the Bluecoats possibly ever. You feel every moment of this show. No matter where this show places, it has to go down as one of the greats. Loved the new ending. This show was a notch above the rest of the field (Totally unbiased opinion) I'm probably missing a whole bunch, but I'm tired and want some sleep! Fantastic night all around and congrats to all performers on a great season! See ya all in theaters Thursday!
  18. What an experience. I’ll share some thoughts when I fall from cloud 9.
  19. Side Note: Driving next to The Cavaliers convoy on the highway currently. Might’ve fan boyed a little.
  20. In pursuit!! Safe travels to everyone and hope all enjoy the show that are going! And as always... GO BLOO 🙂
  21. Took my mom to the DCI premiere in theaters to expose her to her first "show". Wanted to get her somewhat into the activity but didn't expect her to be as blown away as she was (very happy she was I might add). The tour dates played in between the performances and she saw there was a show in Akron (live about 30 minutes away) and she turned to me and said "We're going". And now it's almost here and I couldn't be more excited to be taking her to her first live show as well as a few other family members. Can't wait for tomorrow to get here!!
  22. These threads are the worst sometimes. “Very rough run”.....”best run of the season”. Are all of you watching the same shows? 😂
  23. Having been in that stadium a few times and will be in acouple months, I have to say that it's a beautiful facility and I am so happy Bloo had an opportunity to perform at an event like this! Wouldn't mind if they hosted a few of their home shows here over the years. Here's hoping for a good nights rest and plenty of energy for Allentown. GO BLOO!