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  1. Like, imagine how cool it’d be if they took their new style of uniform (like the 2013-2016 versions) and combined that with the old cream uniforms. That’d be so cool!
  2. I just want to say I’ve been loving the direction the Mandarins have been going lately. Here’s hoping they become a new consistent finalist!
  3. Honestly, I kinda agree with you on your assessment of recent years in drum corps. For the past few years, there’s been a couple of really good shows each year, but not very many overall, and just one or two amazing ones. Once you get past the top 6 shows (for the most part, Academy 2016 is an example of when this isn’t the case), they all start to blur together and get really boring. I feel like this year was a good step in a new direction because there were a lot more shows this year than normal that were actually really good (besides Babylon), like Session 44, S.O.S., Life Rite After, This New World (an underrated show this year), Hell on Wheels. I feel like Beast had the potential, but it just wasn’t quite there yet. I’m kinda liking the new direction Crown is going, and I feel like once their new design team figures out the kinks they’ll be really good. As long as they keep that hornline insanely good as always. I could also do with them going back to more simple versions of their base uniform or even a revamped cream uniform.
  4. I know, I’ve watched several of them before. That one just happened to be recommeded to me by YouTube, and I’d never seen either of those closers before.
  5. Whelp, I had some extra time on my hands and watched Spartacus...god ####. I also watched a video of “five closers that give me chills every time” and I need to go watch Phantom 2007 and Madison Scouts ‘11 apparently.
  6. Yeah, that probably would’ve been the easier way to do it lol. That sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to ask David, a guy who marched Mandarins this past year, if he has any videos. And there might be someone I know in my band who has a flash drive with tons of shows on it, so I might see if I can get my hands on that.... Well, I guess it just depends on your definition of ”relative.” I’ve only been following the activity for a couple years now, but I’ve gone back and watched a few older shows. (Tilt should’ve won lol)
  7. Ugh, my post wouldn’t send for whatever reason. Here’s the gist of what I’d typed: @Liahona I’ve actually seen several of those shows already, including Metropolis, which is the oldest show I’ve watched besides Between Angels and Demons, Brave New World, which has the best opening of all the shows I’ve seen so far, and all of the top five shows from about 2014 to now. @Tim K I’m not sure if my library has an interlibrary loan system. I also have no time to go the library because I have school, band rehearsals, contests on Saturdays, and Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra rehearsals on Sunday.
  8. Where can I find this thread? Sadly, I don’t have access to either of those things and, as a minor without a job, have no money to go buy any myself. Who should I ask? Just other people in my band? Besides them, I don’t really know anyone in the drum corps world.
  9. So, I discovered DCI the summer of 2016, which was the summer going into my sophomore year in high school, and I was absolutely blown away. I had received tickets to a DCI show in a silent auction fundraiser for my band, which I’d bid on because I wanted to see what all this DCI I’d been hearing about was. I can’t remember the specific event, but I do remember that I got to see Crown and Bluecoats live...and I’ve been a huge fan of this activity ever since. Anyway, on to the point of this topic. I haven’t watched very many older shows, and that’s a problem. I need help figuring out which shows to go back and watch. (I don’t want links to the videos, I can find those on my own, and I’m sorry if this is in the wrong forum)
  10. I just want say, as a member of a high school marching band currently, that football games are definitely not just about the football team where I live (Texas). Honestly, Fall is more about marching season than football season, though my school has been getting better the past couple years, so my school is getting more pumped about football lately. Every Friday night, we go to the games. No matter if they're home or away games. We always play stand tunes and pep music in the stands and then about halfway through second quarter we leave the stands to get ready for halftime. Performing on the field during halftime with all those people, even when we're at away games, is such an amazing feeling. It prepares us for what it's like to perform in front of large crowds, which we wouldn't get to experience before our first contest if we only did our competition show during rehearsals. Plus, it's such an awesome feeling when you just performed your heart out and you look up in the stands at an away game and half the stadium is standing and cheering for you. It's even cooler at home games because almost everyone stands and cheers, and it's so cool because they're all doing that for us. If all we did for halftime was pep stuff, they wouldn't be cheering for us but for the football team. What would even be the point? We already do all that pep stuff when we're in the stands anyway. This was mainly just me rambling and I can't believe I finally made my account to post in this stupid topic, but whatever.