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  1. 1995-my rookout. People seem to have a strong liking for our show.
  2. Musically I thought it was a strong show, but from a visual standpoint I thought the design was atrocious, and executed very poorly at many times. I am a huge fan of BD, but this show just never did it for me. Watch this video for example around 1'45" This show to me, much like Cavaliers 2002 seem to me like shows that many people like because it's what our little community has decided. But like Cavaliers 2002, if you watch it objectively it's not as well designed and performed-especially visually as people choose to remember it.
  3. My point is with a better recruiting effort you could easily double your numbers.
  4. Maybe instead of useless hype, it would be wise to work on your recruiting efforts. For example-you're 1 1/2 hours from Chicago and there is ZERO effort. Might be better than social media false hype.
  5. Exactly. It's all smoke and mirrors until we see/hear something. When I marched, one of our bus jobs for rookies was "Overhype football coach guy boy" and it seems like that's what we get to experience on here with all these Pioneer brass captionhead. Maybe it's time to give it a rest and show the improvement or lack of when the season hits. All of these posts will seem absurd if they don't live up to the posts, and frankly, after hearing them at camp, it's useless overhype...but that's my opinion.
  6. Faves 1991 1990 1995 1989 2014 honorable mention 2011 2008 2012 least 1983 1994
  7. Favorites: 1995 1991 2000 2011 2012 least favorite: 2006-2009
  8. If I recall correctly, in 1989 the audio for the "If We Were in Love" was from the semi's performance due to performance issues on Saturday. It's on the video, but the records were altered. I have no issue with DCI doing this with Crown as well. Why not put the best media product out there possible.