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  1. 2015 was probably the biggest they had been in the last 10 years. We'll be just a bit bigger than that corps, which we are thrilled about. While bigger does not necessarily mean better, it means more students get to experience drum corps. We're excited for you to see and hear the difference!
  2. 2017: 9 trumpets, 8 mellos, 6 baritones, 5 tubas...28 Total 2018: 12 trumpets, 10 mellos, 12 baritones, 10 tubas...44 total (still looking for 2 trumpets and two baritones)
  3. @Old Corps Guy this weekend was still considered a camp because there are still many members not there yet due to school finishing up. I don't get there until next week because I'm finishing up teaching middle school band. Hope you enjoyed what you heard!
  4. Hey DCP! It's your friendly neighborhood Pioneer brass caption head. If you know of any tuba or baritone players still looking for a home this summer, please feel free to have them contact me to get set up to march. There are a lot of exciting things happening with the corps this year, and I would love to provide even more opportunities for motivated brass players to experience drum corps. New horns, uniforms, progressive show design ... it's going to be a great year for Pioneer! #GrowPio #BetterEveryDay AG
  5. We are currently sitting at around 46-52 brass for the season. I expect that we'll end up around 48 for the summer. A big improvement from 28 from last year. Thank you all for the support. Our students appreciate it!!!
  6. The design team is creating a very exciting and aggressive show. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see and hear.
  7. Brian, yes they are! Thanks for your support! I will post pictures and a video from the March camp/Chicago Irish parade!
  8. Super proud of the work our members are doing to recruit new people to join Pioneer this year. Here is some insight into our original goals, and just how our students are rising to the occasion to achieve them and push to new heights! Trumpets: Minimum 18 (94.4% achieved at 17) Maximum 24 (70.8% achieved at 17) Mellophones: Minimum 14 (114% achieved at 16) Maximum 16 (100% achieved at 16) Euphoniums: Minimum 18 (72.2% achieved at 13) Maximum 24 (54.2% achieved at 13) Tubas: Minimum 10 (90% achieved at 9) Maximum 16 (56.3% ach
  9. I appreciate the advice. Considering we have doubled numbers from last year so far (by focusing on who is already close to camp), you would be correct in your assessment that our numbers benefited from doing so. I understand that you feel that nothing will be different, and I'm not here to tell you it's going to be a certain amount better this year. I'm telling you we are doing our best to make the experience the best it can be for the students. The students do not owe "being better" to anyone but themselves. I'm so proud of the way they are working right now. I look forward to sharing c
  10. http://www.draconika.com/cultures/dragons-in-celtic-mythology.php
  11. Here is our entire brass staff ... very proud of the team we've put together to teach our students. A https://pioneer-corps.org/staff/brass.html
  12. https://www.flomarching.com/video/6063457-pioneer-brass-caption-head-discusses-2018
  13. Hey all, my name is Andy Grindle, and I am the new brass caption head with Pioneer this year. If you received a callback or were cut this weekend, feel free to reach out for free Google Hangout lessons to help you prepare for the next phase of your audition journey. Whether you are interested in marching with Pioneer this year or not, you deserve feedback that is going to help you reach your goals; you also deserve to be somewhere that values who you are as a musician and person. We'll help you develop the skills to prepare you for the next steps in your musical journey.
  14. Thanks, all! We're looking forward to helping these students be the best they can be. We appreciate the support and constructive feedback; both are equally important to reaching our goals. See you on the road!