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  1. My son marched 2016 and 2017, was supposed to march last year but he decided not to at the last minute (bad decision he knows). He tried out for a top 3 corp this year and didn't make to so decided to go to summer school. At the last minute 2 corps contacted him and said we need you....but he already enrolled. So this year I have no investment but will still follow the season. I went to finals two years in a row and went to Boston for parades and a show. Great activity and I encouraged him to think about marching his age out year.
  2. Also, be prepared, one of these shows (except San Antonio, indoors) usually gets a Thunderstorm. Parking in San Antonio is not fun around the stadium.
  3. My son's nickname his first year was Baby Giraffe, because that is what the tech's said he looked like when he marched. He got better, but was forever known as Baby Giraffe.
  4. Time to bring this back again. Perfect for Crossmen.
  5. My 2 cents. My son auditioned for a top 12 corps. He was called back to every camp and after last camp was offered a contract. He was told he wasn't the best mm, but he worked harder then everyone else and had the best attitude. My opinion was that I was happy to pay the camp costs and transportation for him to have that experience.
  6. If anyone know troopers and madison I would like to know to complete my top 15 list.
  7. Here are the ageouts 17/18 rank 17/18 and rank movement YOY Corps 2017 Rank 2017 Ageouts 2018 Rank Change YOY 2018 Age Outs Blue Devils 1 60 2 -1 51 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 52 1 1 47 Carolina Crown 3 44 4 -1 53 Cavaliers 4 33 6 -2 38 Bluecoats 5 55 3 2 47 Boston Crusaders 6 37 5 1 42 Cadets 7 44 7 0 52 Blue Knights 8 33 9 -1 Phantom Regiment 9 44 11 -2 27 BlueStars 10 43 8 2 48 Crossmen 11 20 12 -1 28 Madison 12 23 16 -4 Mandarins 13 15 10 3 26 Academy 14 21 15 -1 30 Colts 15 25 14 1 29 Troopers 16 22 17 1 Spirit 17 23 13 4
  8. anyone know bluecoats, blue knights, madison, troopers and spirit. corp age outs blue devils 51 santa clara 47 carolina 53 cavaliers 38 blue coats boston 42 cadets 52 blue knights phantom 27 blue stars 48 crossmen 28 madison mandarins 26 academy 30 colts 29 troopers spirit
  9. From 1974 to 2018: 2018 had the smallest spread from top corps to 12th place corps -- 11.905. Followed by 1988 -- 12 and 2006 -- 12.375 2018 had the 6th highest average score of top 12 with 92.414. here are the top 3 1. 2014 92.8375 2. 2010 92.689 3. 1989 92.617 2018 had the 10th highest score (not average) of all time. Interesting -- 9 out of 10 high scores all came since 2002 with only 1989 being before 2002. As noted, 2018 Crossmen had the highest 12 place score followed by 2014 -- 86.225 and 2005 86.075 So, if bunching means that 2018 was one of the best than I would say the statistics prove it out. If by definition best means most competitive.
  10. Great job Crossmen on another finals performance.
  11. I can see where you are coming from on this. At what point is it over protective versus dangerous. I can only say this, I grew up in Texas my whole life. Worked on a farm growing up and hauled hay in June-August on many hot days (picture picking up over 1000 80 pound bales of hay, placing it on a trailer, sometimes up to 6 feet high, and then unloading the hay in a hot barn). These temperatures of over 100 degrees are another matter though. I think that precaution is warranted here, but maybe moving the dates as well.
  12. Dubuque is one of the prettiest cities I have ever been in. Really nice views from up on the bluff.
  13. Sorry, I have a photo to post but can't figure out how to post it. If someone knows how please reply.
  14. Here is a statistical analysis based on corps first score of the season, the highest score in prelims, semis, or finals and the point increase from first score to highest score of the season. I did this going back 16 seasons. I used this to predict the 2017 score (using a past known to test my hypothesis) and then went ahead and predicted 2018 based on the first scores. Overall, there are just too many variables to get an accurate prediction. Variables that can be measured but are unknown are number of returning corp members, age of corp members, number of returning staff, age of staff, etc. Not to mention variables that are that are not quantitative...anyone drop out mid season, heart and hard work of the members, etc. In summary, the higher you start in score and be better you are at improving over the season, then the better chance you have of making finals...in other words, it already tells us what we already know. I do this kind of stuff for a living so I enjoyed the mental exercise.
  15. The "where" wasn't an issue. He loves his corps and they gave him a chance 3 years ago which he is very grateful for. The "why" so late is something we discussed at length, all are too personal to share, but it did involve financial, personal, and educational commitments. I told him I support him either way, and this will be a great learning experience for him on making tough life decisions. I know that at his age I never had to make a tough decision like this, and it will help make him a more mature person, certainly he is more mature then I was at his age.