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  1. Fanfare for the Common Man -- Opening Take a letter Maria -- R.B. Greaves during the chorus
  2. Yep, totally agree. It is the law of unintended consequences. Sometimes "Just do something" is the wrong thing to do.
  3. Social Media was not as powerful as it is today. Information today (whether real or imagined) can lead to greater good..or greater panic. This applies to all things unfortunately, not just Covid-19. We won't ever know if the unprecedented level of response (NBA, MLB, Concerts, public gathering etc. cancelled) will have had an impact that is warranted by this response. On the one had, some will say if it saves one life of a person who didn't die because the disease didn't spread due to shutdowns then it is worth it. If it is your parent, child, etc then I can understand that response. On
  4. What would happen if they tested for 5 hour energy or Monster energy drinks?
  5. UNT Brass Band played this last night (the video is not from UNT). Fire in the Blood. Was first played in 2011 so I couldn't find any drum corps that has played it. Is very upbeat and two great solos. Sounds like something Troopers might do.
  6. I went to each corps wikipedia page. Here is what it had for Blue Devils for example. I knew about some being open class, but didn't want to go through trying to figure out what each corps did in open versus division III vs world class etc. Year Theme Repertoire Score Placement 1971 Theme from Lawrence of Arabia by Maurice Jarre / Ode to Joy (from Ninth Symphony) by Ludwig van Beethoven / America The Beautiful by Samuel A. Ward and Katharine Lee Bates / Big Spender
  7. Just a different topic. Corps Finals 1st year Percent most consecutive Santa Clara 47 1972 100% 47 The Cavaliers 45 1972 96% 30 Phantom Regiment 45 1972 96% 45 Blue Devils 45 1971 94% 45 The Cadets 41 1972 87%
  8. I was able to track one corps one year in 2017 for age outs and returns. 150 MM's 20 Age Outs, 25 returning. 105 MM's were new to the corps, don't know how many had marched somewhere else though.
  9. Thanks. Here is the 3 year age outs plus rank. Corps 2017 Rank 2017 Ageouts 2018 Rank 2018 Age Outs 2019 Rank 2019 age outs Average Blue Devils 1 60 2 51 1 55 55 Bluecoats 5 55 3 47 2 56 53 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 52 1 47
  10. Haven't seen one yet. Does anyone have numbers by the corps?
  11. Crossmen, because it was my son's first year marching for them and first time every marching drum corps.
  12. I work with predictive analytics for a living. This is fun stuff for me. I did some basic analysis of 2019 and results are below. I did not apply any type of advance machine learning to this, all straight statistics. Bottom line -- Blue Devils, Blue Coats, Blue Knights, Blue Stars and Pacific Crest are the only corps who outperformed their average increase from 1st show to last show. Average 6 year increase is an average of the difference between 1st score of the season and last score (I did last score and not high score, even though we know most finals scores go down among the bott
  13. Corps PRELIMINARIES Score SEMI FINALS Score FINALS Score Bluecoats 1 Bluecoats 97.225 1 Bluecoats 98.45 1 Blue Coats 99 Blue Devils 2 Blue Devils 97 2 Blue Devils 98.25 2 Blue Devils 98.9 Santa Clara Vanguard 3
  14. Corps PRELIMINARIES Score SEMI FINALS Score FINALS Score Bluecoats 1 Bluecoats 97.225 1 1 Blue Devils 2 Blue Devils 97 2 2 Sa
  15. Here is the number of age outs over the past 2 years. I would suspect there is a high correlation of age out and drum corps experience. I can't imagine someone marching Blue Devils their age out year and never marched anywhere else. Corps 2017 Rank 2017 Ageouts 2018 Age Outs Average Blue Devils 1 60 51 55.5 Bluecoats 5 55 47 51 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 52