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  1. As shocked as I am to see Regiment parting ways with Will Pitts, I’m cautiously excited. This combo of designers could be either 100% what the corps needs, or 100% not the right fit. Regardless of which way, what Regiment needs is a consistent year to year design staff that can grow together over one length of time. I am interested to see if the other half of team Ferguson/Matrix, Evan Brown, is indeed returning as sound designer as I noticed he was absent from the announcement. It’s also nice to see that the people calling for Rick Valenzuela’s head in the 2019 thread have seemingly gone quiet!
  2. The breeze I heard today is the former Colts percussion team of Ben Pyles and Bryan Harmsen are headed to fill the Mandarins vacancy.
  3. Made the trip to Allentown, and I've gotta agree, most improved corps of 2019, and they are night and day better than 2018 ever was. Goo was a bit loud, but, that's many corps in that range, and I found the program to be one of the more enjoyable ones as a fan! Just my guess, but my off-season prediction is that we will see the music/electronics design team stay in place (Pitts/Ferguson/Brown) along with their instructional teams and see a whole new visual and guard design team, and maybe someone additional on the program end of things. That being said, who is even on the market?
  4. Well, they have beat Boston in sub captions a few times, now tonight they outright beat Boston in percussion, so it's definitely helping! However, they are pretty consistent 12 across the board.
  5. Just based on show changes we've seen over the last couple webcasts, I would guess visual designer?
  6. Noticed a comment on a Facebook post yesterday that a couple visual designers were let go this past week. Curious to see if that’s indeed the case.
  7. I’m curious, but I also think Ike Jackson is extremely hit and miss with show programming. Last year was the 3rd time we’ve seen him do a Rite of Spring show, so it wasn’t exactly surprising that they did it well.
  8. Just a guess, but I would bet those educational camps create profit for the corps, similar to the concept of independent club sports, cheer camps...etc.
  9. Yep, we’ll see this show be completely different in a couple weeks.
  10. Hate to break it to you old timers, but the references to the past arrangers an regime are pointless. It’s pretty clear that the music team of Pitts/Ferguson/Brown are here to stay. I’ll still give them the benefit of the doubt, after all, similar teams at other corps have taken 5+ years to start to come together and make great things (Bluecoats...etc). It’s only been 2-3 years-ish since music has 100% been in their hands, and a major change in visual/drill writers each year. Let’s wait till we see the finished product on the field and then have an opinion?
  11. Regardless of reason, sad to hear of this happening. Hoping the best for all of our friends overseas!
  12. Considering that he and Ferguson are so tight, I would certainly think so. He is the sound designer on almost every project Ferguson writes for.
  13. I think I recall Plymouth Canton doing something similar with a Yellow tarp in 2010.
  14. Beg to differ...he's a good guy with tons of knowledge. Knowing him a little bit and seeing his work (he lives in my hometown area), he's a creative asset to Regiment. I think this is year 4 for him there?