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  1. Sold......!!!!!!!!!! Selling a full set of Deg 2V & 3V G Bugles. 10 Sops all in gig bags 7 Mellophones in Hard Cases, 10 Baritones in Hard Cases, 7 Contras. In gig bags. 34 in total all in used but good condition. Drumline 6 Premier HTS Snare in Hard Cases 2 sets of Yamaha Tenors 4 Premier Bass Drums in Hard Cases all the above are used condition 4 pairs of Zildjian 18” Stadium Marching Cymbals (New) Full Set of System Blue Sticks for all sections. located in Western Australia please don’t ask for a price for a single instrument. I am selling as a job lot. Buyer to pay shipping $10000 AUD or $7600 USD Message me for picture etc Kind Regards Nige Sold sold sold.....