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  1. Rich Stadium in Buffalo (Finals in '95) holds like 78,000 Smallest would have to be stadium in Jackson,MS for '93 finals
  2. Amen! It has been 7 years since my favorite show of the summer has won a World Championship so I'd like to really pull for the leader. I thought I had a lock for sure with Bluecoats 2019 but obviously that didn't happen unfortunately.
  3. 1. Blue Devils - 1996 2. Star of Indiana - 1993 3. Cadets - 2000 4. Phantom - 1989 5. Phantom - 2008 6. Bluecoats - 2016 7. Cavies - 1995 (I know not their best show but by far my favorite) 8. Star of Indiana - 1991 9. Crown - 2012 10. Cadets - 2011 11. Suncoast Sound - 1986 12. Phantom Regiment - either 1993 or 1996
  4. So WGI wise they are showing "on demand" video clips of some of the guard routines from big shows but there is no sound due to copyright infringments so hopefully this is a move in the direction of on demand streaming for DCI.
  5. very true...I'm not touching this with a 100 foot pole!
  6. They would be selling grilled cheeses out in the parking lot for $2 a piece and I would not hate that at all. Watching Crown's hornline warm up while wolfing down a hot ham and cheese is potentially my idea of DCI heaven!
  7. I've always wondered if anybody has done a Grateful Dead tune in DCI which I think potentially could work if done well but would be hard to pull off.
  8. DNA strand drill in Cavies 1995 percussion feature and literally any 30 second clip of Star '93.
  9. Magic of Orlando always held a special place in my heart as I marched with them in the mid '90s and I really liked the innovative shows that they created year in year out.
  10. 1996 Phantom Regiment They pushed all year and their show at Finals show that year was just mind blowing. They were entrenched in a dogfight with the rest of the Top 5 and finished 4th at Quarters and third at Semis but were still more then a point back of BD heading into finals. They dropped one of the epic performances I've ever seen and pulled even while winning brass. The power and emotion out of that show IMO has been unmatched since.
  11. This is a really interesting topic and one that I feel deserves so looking into by the activity as a whole. I am a little surprised that it happens as much as the original poster stated but not following that portion of the activity that heavily anymore it may be a valid number. Essentially it boils down to the kids and how far they want to go to follow this dream of being a part of an elite group in this activity. I know of a lot of groups that offer video auditions but past that point it would probably be a requirement to be present at their off season camps as it should be. Although I'm 100% in the camp that the corps should keep the kids individually abreast of where they stand at each of these camps and their possibilities of making the group, there is no way to regulate this so we can just hope that it is being done. Although I marched many moons ago, I made a decision to travel from east Tennessee to Orlando ( about a 120hr drive) monthly through the winter and then a few times a month in the spring because I wanted to be a part of something special. Not saying it's wrong but it's just something that needs to be taken into account on an individual basis.
  12. I couldn't agree more. I could understand the technique if they were a middle of the road line and they were just trying to hide them behind a singer, who mind you did a beautiful job, but it just pained me every time knowing that what may be one of Crown's best lines they have put out behind her.
  13. This is without question goes to Crown's horn book/show from last year (2017). The inclusion of the singer halfway through the show in my opinion took one of the better hornlines that they have had in the last few years out of the picture. I think that it hurt the overall effectiveness of the show and although they probably wouldn't have beaten BD that year it was still hard to watch.
  14. I didn't know that. Makes a lot of sense but I was just unaware that there was actually a date that was a hard date for them to start the process of shifting staffs around.
  15. Everybody else having issues or just us?hasn't even started