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  1. jandro71

    Genesis 2018

    I wonder if the Mr. Bungle piece is gonna be Retrovertigo or Ars Moriendi.
  2. jandro71

    Genesis 2018

    Putting out a guess that the Mr. Bungle song they'll be playing is Retrovertigo? The whole "Drive in to the wormhole" thing and the style of that song kinda make sense. Either way, I'll be happy with anything they pick, that group is awesome!
  3. jandro71

    Madison Scouts 2018

    The other day I chuckled when I realized that last year they FINALLY wore spats again, but completely changed the rest of the uniform. But personally, I don't really mind what they look like because I know that behind whatever show they do, those guys are definitely learning how to be quality members of society.