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  1. I'm going to have to stop following the activity if this is the path we are headed down. I come to see MARCHING ARTS, not run and stand here arts. I'm not part of the post war generation. I'm 28, and started following in middle school. Sorry to take your fun away with the dino comments. Cue the few people saying "better off without you" or whatever else you want to throw at me becuase you feel the need to defend your favorite corps.
  2. So not having drill is effective and having drill isn't effective anymore. Got it.
  3. I need to chill yet you felt the need to warrant my post with not one reply...BUT TWO!!! Oh the irony! Lmao. Oh, and if you think I was being snarky, I feel sorry for you for reading into something that obviously wasn't there. Oh well, the world is certainly still spinning I guess. If it weren't, we'd be dead already due to the sudden stop in motion. We would all go flying at a rate of 1,670 Km/hr or 1037.69 mi/hr. 😉 #ThatsHowScienceWorks #NowImBeingSnarky
  4. How? They're going between a corps that 2 pointed them, and the other 5 pointed them. Not exactly luck of the draw there.
  5. I loved 2017 for the ballad as I have personal reasons. Also, lets just call them what they were...###holes. Shouldn't NOBODY have treated her that way, she was a performer just as well as the rest of the corps, and just because you personally don't like vocalists in corps doesn't mean that you had to straight dog her EVERY. SINGLE. PERFORMANCE. Rant over.
  6. Straight shooter who thought Crown would take SCV and ended up almost 2 points behind...?
  7. Or this recap is all over the board...which it is. I'll see what Atlanta has to offer.
  8. I'd be highly upset if I signed a drum corps contract and got placed in a WGI group...wait a minute...
  9. For the love of everything pure and holy...ROLL THE TARPS, NOT FOLD THE TARPS!!!
  10. Probably. Everything she touched turned to...well, you know the word. I mean...if the shoe fits. Lmao.
  11. It never makes any sense when they say it, and then they say that we're the ones not making any sense. The life of a CrownFAN. Lmao.
  12. The ONLY thing that I can say I truly hate about this show is the appearance of Yoko, get her off the field! Lol.
  13. By everyone, you mean the people who always have Crown in 6th, right? Lmao.
  14. And it better include a HUGE HIT of Come Together or I'm gonna be making some phone calls. Lmao.
  15. I'm ready for a HUGE HIT of Come Together. If it's not there by seasons end I'm gonna be BIG mad. Lmao.