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  1. Same. I used to always seek out the "press box" seats, but as corps move away from more traditional drill design to staging and individual dance/facial performance, there is so much of the show that you are missing if you are up at the top of the stands. Plus getting your face blown off never gets old.
  2. This is actually later than they've added their ending in recent years (the new ending was in for San Antonio in 2017 and 2018).
  3. If you live by an airport you know there will be noise from the planes. That doesn't mean you'd be cool with them taxi-ing through your flowerbed.
  4. Looks like BD did a partial uniform run. Start off with shakos and long coats, but take them off about a 1/3 of the way through the show.
  5. After absolutely loving 2014-17, I never quite fell in love with Session 44 last year, so I've honestly been trying to temper my expectations for this year's show,. But you guys are sucking me in.
  6. This small small part of PR's uniform looks not terrible (from https://twitter.com/PhantomRegiment).
  7. Yup, could clearly hear Cavies doing it during Crown, then BD doing it during Cavies. They were also in clear view of the stands, in a place where they would definitely know they'd be heard.
  8. I know it’s been covered already, but this event was a logistical nightmare: -Huge parking lines (literally waited half an hour in line) then when lots filled up, they didn’t know where to direct you to. -Hundreds of folks in will call line long after the event started -Hooooo boy, the seating clusterf***. Basically they labeled the seats with stickers, but did it reverse from what was listed on the DCI site. So my 50 yard line seat I bought back in December was now on the 35. In the end it didn’t ruin my experience, but I missed the first two corps and missed out on the “d
  9. While the Allen Stadium has a lot of amenities, Mesquite’s is actually bigger (20,000 capacity).
  10. Absolutely! A pretty killer lineup. Basically took last year's and subbed out Cadets/Crossmen for SCV and Phantom.
  11. Difference between "this is miserable" and "I am literally about to die."
  12. Yep, but high of 104 is a welcome change from 108/109 from last week. Should be down in the 90s by showtime, potentially with some cloud cover.
  13. I'm now envisioning a situation similar to the movie Speed where bombs were planted on the instruments of corps members and playing less than forte would literally kill them. The title of this movie?
  14. So glad they moved this show to Mesquite this year. In addition to being a much better parking situation, Mesquite Memorial is a big facility upgrade over Lake Highlands in Dallas.
  15. The stand is broken into sections 1-8, and I can tell you that sections 3-6 are sold out (or at least were listed as such online yesterday). Not that seats farther out can't still provide good views, but just giving you some info.