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  1. There is a lot of context being left out of this summary, just saying
  2. It helps that their marketing manager wrote most of that statement, not the ED or President. Too bad they are probably going to lose her too after all of this
  3. Hey all OC has been looking for Class A CDL drivers and cook staff to join the summer, and have been reaching out all over to share this opportunity. I'd thought I'd share here in case someone here fits the roles or knows someone who does. Sorry if this should have been done differently, I wasn't 100% sure how to share this.
  4. Blue Devils just shared a statement
  5. Columbians also wrote their statement
  6. Blue Stars have done a statement under the latest headlines
  7. Can we start a thread with all of this information? I've seen a few corps releasing public statements such as Cascades, OC, and Blue Knights. Cascades: Oregon Crusaders: Ascend performing Arts (Blue Knights)
  8. There is also a written announcement with the show music