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    Became a fan in 2006! First show I ever saw was PR '91 on YouTube thanks to our marching band director. First corps I saw live was Madison Scouts in 2007, and been to a summer show each year since.
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    Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, Madison Scouts
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    PR '06 Faust is my all-time favorite show.
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  1. Ha! I tuned in midway through 88's Romeo and Juliet, and I wish I had seen the announcement sooner!
  2. In efforts to remedy our social distancing and off-season drum corps woes, PR is currently live with a 12 hour stream of their shows on Facebook! Link is from their post yesterday:
  3. More off-season news and another big change for PR moving into the next decade!
  4. I agree, while I appreciate hearing PR classics, they will never be the same as the original performances for several reasons. I think PR needs to rely less on OLD classics, and start creating NEW classics. A new season and decade is upon us, dare to do something different and new, and create classics for a new generation. On a positive note, heard they added a new closer recently. Looking forward to seeing it tonight in TX!
  5. Paid parking will be available in the Victory Hall parking lot, located on visitor's side of the stadium. Unfortunately the Fout's Field parking lot across the highway near the pedestrian bridge is closed for construction. First time at this new venue, parking will be dicey!
  6. A return to their very recent form, I do like the interconnectedness of their previous shows and their 2017 unis redux. Looking forward to seeing the show!
  7. First impression from their annual music in the park concert: The look and sound reminds me of their '95 show when they first debuted the all black, and performed what I thought was a high-energy and exciting show! Looking forward to the visual package next week at the premiere and hope to see crowd involvement during the season with the "I am Joan!" shout.
  8. Cool uniforms! First thing I thought of when I saw the helmet was Star of Indiana '90-91, different color scheme but looks really good. Helmet chain addition would be awesome!
  9. I think Will Pitts explained their show design and music selection rationale thoroughly in the Who is your Joan series of videos on the PR YouTube channel. This buzz that they generated that was very likely unintentional, but regardless I'm excited about the music and am looking forward to them this summer! I think this show will have a little bit of Spartacus, with a little bit of Triumphant Journey, and a hopefully a lot more chickens! Did PR miss an opportunity to include music composed by women into a show that "...celebrates bold, empowered women and the spirit of revolution through
  10. "WHEN IS A LITTLE NOISE TOO MUCH NOISE FOR DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS IN FOREST CITY?" Curious story...a missed opportunity by the journalists/news station to talk to the Blue Stars members or staff about what they do in the activity. I don't think there can be too much noise from a drum corps, aside from electronic amplification of course 🙂
  11. Great find! Here's the video you referenced if anyone's curious: Looks like they may also be wearing a black uniform again?
  12. Looked into the other PR show/rep announcement threads here, and didn't see any mention of the heat (no pun intended) that PR has been receiving lately on social media for their programming and design choices this year- i.e., not selecting or incorporating any musical pieces composed by women. Journey over to their FB/Twitter pages if you're curious...and here is a response by conductor Claire Wilcox regarding this, to provide a little bit of context.