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    never marched
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    Star of Indiana, early Bridgemen and Phantom
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    1993 Star of Indiana
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    1992 just because the Cavs finally won
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    East Coast
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    I am a video and photo scavenger. Blogging in syndication on the 1913 Rite of Spring ballet and riot, choreography, artistic game changers and twice on DCI.

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  1. Old thread no? The challenge of running and playing is lost on me but I was not in corps. I do not know the bpm on the allegro molto of Bartok's "strings,percussion,celesta"s but the accelerando is mental! And 1993 Star didn't temper it and then slammed on the brakes. I stopped watching DCI . Carolina Crown's 2013 program was the last cool thing for me.
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    Hi I'm Fatova Mingus. I lived by 27th Lancers when I was young and I thought there were no girls allowed so I would listen by the field and wish to be in it. Then WGBH (Boston) aired the 1977 Finals and I realized I was wrong but that was the DQ year that the Bridgemen played anyway and it was crazy!! ! I love the renegades in DCI. Waited a decade though to hear THE CAVALIERS!!!