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  1. People don't deserve redemption, although I believe it should be possible for people to earn it.
  2. It is interesting how people can interpret things differently. I know nothing about the situation, but I do happen to be an antitrust expert. So, let me offer a couple uninformed opinions just for fun: First, Varsity may be trying to offer a benefit to the participants by arranging availability at hotels, perhaps even at a reduced rate. In return, the hotels may be asking Varsity for some effort to direct participants to them, perhaps in exchange for that reduced rate. If so, that could be a win for all the parties involved, especially if the alternative is limited hotel availability
  3. "The Rutgers football team is notable for playing in what is considered to be the first ever intercollegiate football game in 1869, in which they defeated Princeton University by a score of 6–4. For this reason, Rutgers has been described as "the birthplace of college football.""
  4. I am always amazed at how confident people are pissing all over something someone worked very hard on. smh.
  5. Another serious copyright issue is the right to set the music to video, which is what DCI does with its year end DVDs. As far as I know these rights are not covered by a blanket licence from an organization like ASCAP or BMI, like performance rights, and must be individually negotiated with the rights holders. I understand that obtaining those rights can be tricky, and that some parts of shows have been cut from the DVDs because no agreement could be made with the rights-holders. No doubt this is the issue behind the reluctance to release videos of shows on youtube as well. Public
  6. ^^ They wear the high white socks so the techs can see their legs better as they march.