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  1. Just because it may or may not have been happening for decades... does not make it right to steal, even if it's 'all in good fun'. In 2018, social media means it's easy to be held accountable for your actions. Should not be a surprise that Crown members were upset that the sledgehammer was stolen.
  2. DMs will also get a judge tape based on their semifinals performance. There is actually a drum major judge who will critique each front podium drum major of each corps and they will actually get a tape like all other captions - just no score.
  3. Each drum major that wishes to be considered for the award submits an application (with the help of their corps director, who I think will also write a recommendation.) They then are interviewed via phone or in person at San Antonio by Gene Monterastelli, the DCI Hall-of-Famer who is kind of the DCI Drum Major/Leadership 'caption head', if you will. Not sure of the criteria but that's more info on the process.
  4. the show... is literally about movement and music being the universal language. So who cares, it fits
  5. what are those random numbers showing up on different places on the screen? A new watermark? They show up and then disappear, then show up again, and disappear again. Rinse and repeat
  6. NOT a fan of these super-loud samples and audio effects in the pit. Totally ruins the immersion
  7. WVU used to have 350 people in the band? ####, is it still that big?
  8. I'm sorry - SCVC just doesn't do it for me after watching that incredible Troopers performance. Troopers had a monumental run, filled with emotion and really excellent design, and I pray they're rewarded for that by the green shirts. Though, I hope they feel proud of themselves regardless - that was an incredible show and they really made it sing.
  9. It was because Spirit accidentally misspelled "Pacific" as "Pacgici" in their post-show scores pictures, the ones they always post after shows. Another in-joke from twitter and facebook
  10. What's BDB's theme? Kind of not understanding it based on the seemingly random music? Ending with romeo and juliet? What?