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  1. Rocketman I know one brass writer that would have to quit for sure
  2. I could not agree more. It is so unprofessional and unnecessary. Especially percussion players should have the tempo drilled into their brains and if they can't keep a beat going for a few counts they need to quit.
  3. STOP - ALL electronics, including miking individuals STOP - Running and scatter drill STOP - tarps and excessive props Start doing more marching and lowering score for bad marching Start figuring out a way to award MMs for good performance of bad show design (i.e. Phantom Regiment) Start banning WGI judges from juding DCI Change show designs to involve more difficult drill and no more body movement AND Form a separate division for Stage Performances AND anonthher thing, no prerecorded anything..
  4. Pitts' facebook comment is exactly what anyone would expect. From a friend who was in PR with him it is exactly what I would expect. He has a pronounced air of self imposed importance that he thinks is unquestionable. If in fact is back next year I guess we will see how long it takes for him to take PR down the drain. Four years is enough of him and and his self aggrandizement. His music sucks for lack of creativity and he has used the same formula for all four shows, lifted from someone else's scores from years past. He has the creativity of a ROCK. So good luck Phantom Regiment! You'll need it.
  5. Terrible on Firefox, but no prooblrms on Safari as long as I was on High Cam.
  6. BD iis like a well oiled machine. Almost too much so.. No one does it better. The BCs show this year just has more enery for me. Results should be interesting.
  7. It was so bad at my theater that I left midway thtough the Mandarians and asked for my money back. And if you think PR was bad you should have heard SOA. They should be penalized.
  8. Every corps diirector that has voted to allow electronics get this out of control should be locked up in the theater I just walked out of until they are foaming at the mouth. I made them give me my money back. My ears are still num. The base Goo was so bad the entire building was vibrating. I understand some of the issue may be this theater's sound system but there is no reason the Goo should be so loud that at times i couldn't hear the corps playing. I can only imagine what the sound must be like in the oil can. At the point I left SOA was the worst with PR coming in a close second. Hopefully something will be done about this before next year.
  9. the "essrnce" is one of the problems. Name a corps whose essence hasn't changed
  10. I've been wondering who was going to open this can of worms. Electronics need to go away period.