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  1. I’m always heartened by your outlook, and finding the best in everyone’s shows. The thousands of young men and women in the activity deserve our gratitude. Thank you , @DrumManTx
  2. They've at least been in the conversation for finals for the past two years. What can they do to get over that hump? As was stated elsewhere, their relative success of the past two years should definitely help with recruiting.
  3. Congrats on a great season , Spirit! Two years in a row in the theater show and on the cusp of finals. Keep the momentum going forward!
  4. Looked like there were 700+ people online at the high point. If only a full corps could perform the halftime show at the Super Bowl. (I realize it would never work being in early February.) It would kick the @&$# out of any other SB performance ... ever.
  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if NBC mentioned their show tonight (or showed a snippet of the show)? One can dream...
  6. LOL. My son is entering his senior year at Nebraska and was drumline captain last year. They get pretty ... protective ... about their football history.
  7. My favorite Blue Stars show, and one of my 10 favorite shows, period. This show pulls an emotional tug on me, as did BK that year. Was listening to the 2014 CD as my wife and I were driving our son to college 3 years ago to move in for his freshman year. They were in his car, I was in mine (he had a lot of stuff ). Hearing that show, the "home" theme, thinking about leaving him on his own ... I totally broke down in my car. Glad they were in a different car. To this day cannot watch/listen to that show without getting emotional.
  8. This is the first time I’m commenting on a corps other than Spirit. By the end of Bloo’s show in Mesquite I had tears in my eyes. I think my son was wondering what was wrong with me ... but it had that kind of impact on me.
  9. In the lot with my son watching Spirit’s FE warm up. He’s very happy getting to see his corps mates from Knock.
  10. Hydrate. Like, start in about 5 minutes since the event is only 8 days out. Apogee is a great stadium, and it hosted BOA Denton in 2014. Best outdoor venue my son performed at while in high school. Enjoy!
  11. My son is a 2016 grad of Flower Mound and was very appreciative of what Alan Spaeth brought to their program - best of luck to Surf!
  12. My son and I are excited we’ll see them at DCI Mesquite, and he is looking forward to a reunion with his front ensemble comrades from last year ... I think there were 5 or 6 returnees this year.
  13. Bump! Hoping the upward trajectory continues this year. P.S. my son did “retire” after one season of drum corps. He really enjoyed the experience but needs to spend the summer working on grad school music pre-audition material in advance of auditions next year. He’s looking forward to seeing Spirit on their Texas swing this summer (as am I).
  14. I’d like to know what, if anything, had to be edited out. Hoping Spirit’s entire performance made the CD.
  15. Excited about next year. Few age-outs (I think 17 from what I heard), and apparently a lot of returnees (my son may be one - still TBD). I don't know enough to comment on yesterday's Visual Caption announcement so I will defer to others who know more than me (which is most of you). They should certainly be in the hunt to make finals for the first time since 2013.
  16. Enjoy your son's two performances coming up!!!! I think #3 is out of reach, barring something incredibly unusual. I don't know the last time a corps overcame a 1.25 point deficit after prelims to nab a spot in finals. I know Boston was down like .7 or .8 two years ago to Madison, but that's a sizable difference.
  17. The last time I saw my son perform at Lucas Oil was at BOA Grand Nationals finals in 2014. Looking forward to seeing him with Spirit and the other corps (sadly I won't be there for the entire day, but a nice chunk of it). It's been a great ride for them this season....very proud of their resurgence this year. KSA SOA!
  18. According to my son Spirit had their best run to date. Hoping when I’m in Lucas Oil tomorrow it’s even better.
  19. I really don't know that we'll have a good handle on that until prelims scores are in Thursday night. In any event, a tremendous season for Spirit regardless of which day their last performance occurs.
  20. Thanks in advance for any pics you can get of Spirit (and if you can't, totally understand - and you've done a beyond amazing job so far). I'll be on a plane set to depart right about the time they perform on FloMarching (but my wife will luckily get to see them). KSA SOA!
  21. Thanks - I see my son in one of those pics. Love your detail.