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  1. On 12/12/2020 at 10:42 AM, SOA Dad said:

    The Texas State Marching Band Championships are coming up Monday and Tuesday. In the largest class, 6A, many heavy hitters opted out this year but there’s still some major schools competing - Claudia Taylor Johnson, The Woodlands, Flower Mound, Marcus and Hebron.

    And here are the medalists:

    1. Claudia Taylor Johnson

    2. Hebron

    3. Flower Mound

  2. This was really, really hard. I’ve only really followed DCI closely since 2014, I have a somewhat decent knowledge of 2008-13 from videos, and not much knowledge of 2007 and earlier. I can't believe I'm omitting The Cadets, because there are certainly several shows that I do like, but when I inserted any of them (i.e. 2005, 2011, 2013 and 2015, for example) into this puzzle ... well it broke by its displacement of another corps (so my apologies to fans or alumni of The Cadets ... absolutely no relection on the corps).    
    In order by placement from 1 through 12 in semis:
    2014 Blue Devils – Felliniesque – 1
    2012 Carolina Crown – For the Common Good – 2
    2015 Bluecoats – Kinetic Noise – 3
    2013 Santa Clara Vanguard – Les Miserables – 4
    2016 The Cavaliers – Propaganda – 5
    2010 Phantom Regiment – Into the Light – 6
    2019 Blue Knights – I Remember Everything – 7
    2003 Madison Scouts – GOLD, GREEN AND RED: The Music of Benoit Jutras – 8
    2007 Boston Crusaders – A Picasso Suite – 9
    2018 Mandarins – Life Rite After - 10
    2011 Blue Stars – ReBourne – 11
    2009 Troopers – Western Side Story – 12 
    I’m lukewarm on my picks for 8-11, TBH.
    If there is not a requirement that the corps finished in the Top 12 in semis (and thus made finals), then I replace the 2018 Mandarins with 2018 Spirit of Atlanta – Knock! – 13 (for personal and biased reasons).  


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  3. On 4/3/2020 at 11:42 AM, SOA Dad said:

    I sent DCI an email asking if they could add a corps-specific donation as an option for my Denton tickets (well ANY tickets). As my son is an SOA alumnus, I would prefer the donation go to them. Waiting on a reply.

    Well I got my answer today .... and I guess I am not surprised.

    I did end up making a donation directly to Spirit yesterday. Every little bit helps.


    Hello ,

    Thanks for the input. 

    As you can imagine the task of working through the cancellation of the entire tour is daunting.  To add a request like this would make an already complex undertaking even more difficult.

    Should your choose to refund, we encourage you to donate to a Corps of your choice, in this case Spirit of Atlanta, and/or DCI.

    We appreciate your understanding and support of DCI and our member Corps.

    Should you choose to request a refund, below is the link to do that.

    Sincerely, Support

  4. 5 hours ago, keystone3ply said:
    I'm also fine with making donations from my other ticket purchases but I think I'd rather donate those funds to a specific corps where I have ties.  Looks like they want the "donation" to go to   

    I sent DCI an email asking if they could add a corps-specific donation as an option for my Denton tickets (well ANY tickets). As my son is an SOA alumnus, I would prefer the donation go to them. Waiting on a reply.

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  5. One of my choices will raise some eyebrows…


    1. Spirit of Atlanta 2018 – Knock. My favorite all-time show, PERIOD because …. my son performed in it. Sorry not sorry.

    2. Colts 2018 – True Believer. I know the canned vocals didn’t sit well with some people but I connected emotionally with this show.

    3. Troopers 2016 – hero

    4. Madison Scouts 2018 – Heart & Soul. I know what you're thinking .... but I really love the last 2/3 of this show and it compensates for the spoken part in the first 1/3 (for me). And I’m basing this on listening only (I would have to drop it lower if I factored in the uniforms).

    5. Pacific Crest 2019 – Everglow

    6. Troopers 2018 – The New Road West

    7. Oregon Crusaders 2016 – Hunted

    8. Mandarins 2017 – Inside the Ink

    9. Music City 2018 – Hell on Wheels

    10. Jersey Surf 2019 – FantaSea


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  6. 3 hours ago, KVG_DC said:

    I remember 2014 Blue Stars finished 9th with Where The Heart Is (the first show about home) but their guard was stellar that year finishing 4th. 

    My favorite Blue Stars show, and one of my 10 favorite shows, period. This show pulls an emotional tug on me, as did BK that year. 

    Was listening to the 2014 CD as my wife and I were driving our son to college 3 years ago to move in for his freshman year. They were in his car, I was in mine (he had a lot of stuff ). Hearing that show, the "home" theme, thinking about leaving him on his own ... I totally broke down in my car. Glad they were in a different car. To this day cannot watch/listen to that show without getting emotional.    

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jake W. said:

    I have no association with the corps, I just went to their 2019 thread to wish them well on their season debut tonight, only to find that there wasn't one yet. 

    I'd love to see Surf work their way back into Semis this year after four years out! Not only will the lack of Oregon Crusaders/BDB/SCVC help their chances, but browsing their website, it looks like they've got the staff in place to do so! Talk about some big names. Alan Spaeth hasn't forayed into the drum corps world much, but he is one of the most talented designers on the high school marching band side of things, and has been for two decades now. Mitch Rogers is writing their drill, and the Alan Spaeth/Mitch Rodgers duo is what catapulted Flower Mound to the top of the BOA world. Add in music arranger Don Hill of LD Bell/Broken Arrow/Phantom Regiment fame, and that's a great design staff line up. Looks like most of the instructional staff has been in place for the last few years, and that's always a good sign. Drum corps is healthier when the corps at the bottom are thriving as well.

    Best of luck on your premier tonight, Surf, and have a great season!

    My son is a 2016 grad of Flower Mound and was very appreciative of what Alan Spaeth brought to their program - best of luck to Surf!

  8. Bump! Hoping the upward trajectory continues this year.

    P.S. my son did “retire” after one season of drum corps. He really enjoyed the experience but needs to spend the summer working on grad school music  pre-audition material in advance of auditions next year. He’s looking forward to seeing Spirit on their Texas swing this summer (as am I).

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