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  1. Excited about next year. Few age-outs (I think 17 from what I heard), and apparently a lot of returnees (my son may be one - still TBD). I don't know enough to comment on yesterday's Visual Caption announcement so I will defer to others who know more than me (which is most of you). They should certainly be in the hunt to make finals for the first time since 2013.
  2. Enjoy your son's two performances coming up!!!! I think #3 is out of reach, barring something incredibly unusual. I don't know the last time a corps overcame a 1.25 point deficit after prelims to nab a spot in finals. I know Boston was down like .7 or .8 two years ago to Madison, but that's a sizable difference.
  3. The last time I saw my son perform at Lucas Oil was at BOA Grand Nationals finals in 2014. Looking forward to seeing him with Spirit and the other corps (sadly I won't be there for the entire day, but a nice chunk of it). It's been a great ride for them this season....very proud of their resurgence this year. KSA SOA!
  4. According to my son Spirit had their best run to date. Hoping when I’m in Lucas Oil tomorrow it’s even better.
  5. I really don't know that we'll have a good handle on that until prelims scores are in Thursday night. In any event, a tremendous season for Spirit regardless of which day their last performance occurs.
  6. Thanks in advance for any pics you can get of Spirit (and if you can't, totally understand - and you've done a beyond amazing job so far). I'll be on a plane set to depart right about the time they perform on FloMarching (but my wife will luckily get to see them). KSA SOA!
  7. Thanks - I see my son in one of those pics. Love your detail.
  8. Current numbers 14, 13, 12 and 11 - that sure worked out nicely. But the long-term weather forecast for Friday and Saturday - that's another story. Hoping that does not come to fruition.
  9. If Spirit makes finals that would be awesome; and if they don't, that is OK, too - they have had a season to remember regardless of the final outcome. It sure would be nice, though, if the morning of Semis that a discussion would still be ongoing about who could end up 12th and it would not be basically a done deal for the top 12.
  10. First time this year Spirit has dropped in score.
  11. As someone who has followed the activity for 5 years now, even more so this year with my son participating in another corps, I cannot express enough appreciation for what Bloo has brought to the activity over the last 5 years. There is no other corps whose shows I have collectively enjoyed more than their offerings. So thank you for being .... Bloo.
  12. Based on what my son said, they are pretty darn excited. Hope they aren't TOO excited as they need some rest for the Birmingham show tomorrow night. In all seriousness, though, we will know a lot more after Saturday when everyone is on the same field with the same panel. The good news for Spirit is - it's a home show! Hope that gives them an extra boost.
  13. In the past we've had the excellent and extensive reviews by @DrumManTx - but he's a little busy this summer. :)
  14. Spirit has not reached 83 since .... 2013 (I think).
  15. I can’t believe how long this thread has been untouched. After having seen them twice now on FloMarching just want to say what an enjoyable show they have and what a great addition to World Class they are. posted from the DrumScorps app
  16. Got to chat with my son afterwards and he said they had a really, really great run tonight. He was pumped...and this was well before any scores came out. KSA SOA!
  17. I have the same perspective as @DrumManTx - I watch a show looking for what I will like as opposed to what I will not like. I have now been able to see 21 of the 24 WC corps on FloMarching this year, save for SCV, BD and Crown (and would have seen them Saturday had we not lost power), and I am just amazed by the depth and breadth of talent and diversity of offerings in these programs. Honestly, I've gone to Denton and Lake Highlands several times over the past few years and have always thought this is so much more worth my money for a ticket than a ticket to an NFL game (and I love football, t
  18. Excited (more than anyone can imagine) that I will get to see my son perform live in competition for the first time this evening. Should be quite a big crowd, hoping it will be a very lively one as well. Aside from the fact I'm not qualified to comment on how good (or not) any corps' performances are, I suspect I will only to get to see a few corps perform before Spirit as some face time is on the agenda. The very best of luck to all of the corps this evening - stay hydrated and have great performances one and all!
  19. Keep KNOCKing Spirit. While it's starting to look like a place in finals might be out of reach, a spot in Big, Loud & Live 15 could well be a boon for recruiting (future members and fans alike). Four contests this week with four really nice draws. KSA SOA!
  20. Just looked at the Mesquite schedule and wondering why Crown is going on so early and Spirit so late.
  21. I applaud DCI's decision. At 2 p.m., the temperature at Denton airport was 106 and it was 103 at Temple airport (Temple is right next to Belton). My son is (hopefully) enjoying his very first nap block with Spirit this afternoon. I think they're prepping the corps members to audition for the Couchmen in the future.
  22. Take this with a grain of salt until something official is posted by DCI, but, according to my son (they just woke up a short time ago), no scoring or uniforms in Belton tonight. He said they were told that late last evening. Again ... we shall see what official update comes from DCI.